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Plant Neidling, Austria

Production of small vehicles and fixture systems

In Neidling near St. Pölten, Rosenbauer produces Compact Line vehicles, superstructure components and the COMFORT fixture system. The Compact Line consists of small vehicles with gross weights of up to 13t. The COMFORT system includes integrated equipment holders, pullouts, drawers and fixtures, as well as manual/electrical support and lowering devices for portable pumps, climbing ladders and other heavy equipment. 

Since its takeover in 1990, the Neidling Plant has been continuously enlarged and modernized. Annual production now amounts to about 200 vehicles with lightweight superstructures and some 80,000 components, which apart from the COMFORT fixture system include revolving shelves, SCBA holders, integrated frames for FOX portable pumps, and crew cabin doors. 

Employees: ~ 170