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Plant II Leonding, Austria

PANTHER and AT production center

The centerpieces of the Plant II in Leonding are two newly synchronized production lines for PANTHER ARFF vehicles and for AT municipal vehicles. Assembly takes place in accordance with the industrial standards of the automotive and engineering industries, all processes are synchronized. Production was successfully started in April 2014 at Plant II Leonding. The first vehicles from the new production lines were completed just a few days after start-up. The new site is set up for an annual production capacity of around 150 ARFF vehicles of the PANTHER type and 250 AT municipal vehicles, in single-shift operation.  The site is just 3 km from the group headquarters and has a footprint of around 52,000 m² with a hall area of approx. 15,000 m², as well as about 5000 m² of office space.

Employees: ~ 300