Water-powered drill extinguisher

DRILL-X is an innovative extinguisher that combines drilling, penetrating, and extinguishing in a single
device. It was developed to safely extinguish hard-to-reach fires without the introduction of oxygen and with unprecedented efficiency. The revolutionary drive works directly with the energy of the water from the attack hose, and the innovative drilling technology allows it to penetrate a wide variety of materials.

Impresses with

  • Improved safety
  • Tactical advantage
  • Impressive efficiency
  • Unique technological advantage

Improved safety

The area around the fire does not have to be entered in the first phase of firefighting, which reduces the risk of injury to the emergency crews. At the same time, emergency crews are exposed to less contamination from soot particles, which reduces the risk of long-term complications. In addition, no oxygen is introduced during firefighting, which prevents the explosion of flue gas.


Tactical advantage

Alternative attack routes, such as roofs, walls, or ceilings can almost always be used to gain quick and safe access to the fire area. In addition, the emergency crews no longer need to take intricate and time-consuming approach routes when attacking indoor fires.

Impressive efficiency

Due to the high application rate of up to 800 liters per minute, a short-term, high cooling output is possible, through which low extinguishing water consumption and quick operational success can be achieved. As a result, fire and water damage can be significantly reduced.

Unique technological advantage

The extinguisher is fail-safe and maintenance-free, which means it is ready for operation at any time and does not incur high service costs. In addition, the drive unit is directly integrated into the extinguisher and is driven by the energy of the water from the attack hose, which means that the extinguisher can be used independently of the vehicle. Lastly, the extinguishing nozzles enter the fire area directly, which allows the extinguishing medium, the flow rate, and the jet angle to be adjusted to the fire area.