October 28, 2020

Press release

New vehicles and extinguishing systems

  • The AT model series, the classic among municipal vehicles, has been given a facelift 
  • From now on, the CT Frame and MT extend the vehicle portfolio as new developments
  • RFC Admix Variomatic, RFC CAFS Cube and RFC CUTTEX round off the firefighting equipment range

Rosenbauer is launching the new CT Frame (Compact Technology) and MT (Modular Technology) as well as a facelift of the AT (Advanced Technology). They are among the Group's lead products and, as multi-functional all-rounders, cover all the needs of municipal and company fire departments. The CT Frame is the new compact class between 5 and 14 tons, the AT acts as Rosenbauer's medium-sized class up to 18 tons, while the MT is available in the weight class above this. All fire-fighting vehicles standardised in Germany and Austria can be implemented in these ranges, from the smallest portable pump vehicle (TSF or KLF) to the large tank fire truck (GTLF).

The vehicles of the AT and CT series are particularly commonplace within fire departments in the DACH region, and contribute around 20 percent of the Rosenbauer Group's total turnover. Of a total of 1,500 municipal vehicles delivered worldwide over the previous year, more than 530 went to Germany and Austria. Germany is one of the world's largest markets for firefighting equipment, and was the largest single vehicle market with the highest volume for Rosenbauer in 2019. In this ranking, Austria stood in third place behind the USA, while Switzerland has also traditionally had a strong demand for high-end vehicles.  

"The municipal fire department markets are of crucial importance to Rosenbauer. Around three quarters of all vehicle deliveries over the previous year were of municipal vehicles. The DACH region plays a particular role here. It is Rosenbauer's traditional home and key market, and is characterised by regular replacement purchases and a high level of quality awareness of the fire departments. The AT is the best-selling fire-fighting vehicle on the market in Germany and Austria, and is equally popular with voluntary and professional fire departments alike," says Andreas Zeller, CSO of Rosenbauer International.

A facelift for the AT
The AT is the premium vehicle in Rosenbauer's municipal line-up. It has been produced for 26 years, is constantly being improved, and is always setting new standards. Each year, around 500 ATs leave the industrial production plants in Leonding and Luckenwalde (near Berlin) to be delivered to fire departments across the globe. Around 8,000 ATs are currently in operation in over 50 countries worldwide.

The AT impresses with its tried and tested body and fire fighting technology, now presented in a new design with innovative lighting and operating concepts. Notably, the roof gallery has been redesigned, and new scene lighting made of high-performance LED strips has been integrated. The new Rosenbauer RBC LCS operating system with high-resolution 10" displays allows largely intuitive operation of the vehicle.

The new CT Frame
With the CT Frame, Rosenbauer is launching a new generation of small and compact vehicles onto the market. The CT Frame is the technological successor to the Compact Line, which has been produced at the Neidling site since 2005. Around 200 of these all-round vehicles are built each year, with the majority being delivered to volunteer fire departments in the DACH region. The CT Frame is suitable for every type of firefighting operation, and impresses with its compact dimensions, high payloads, broad range of functions, and optimum ergonomics and usability.

Completely modular
The MT is the new Rosenbauer large tank fire truck not only for municipal, but also industrial and airport fire departments. It replaces the CBS model range, which has been produced in Leonding and other sites of the Rosenbauer Group for 20 years. The MT has a modular firefighting superstructure, can be equipped with any Rosenbauer extinguishing systems, and can be built on 2, 3 and 4-axle serial chassis. As a result, the MT can be customised to the greatest possible extent, and can be precisely adapted to the specific requirements and operational tactical needs of a fire department.

"The new Rosenbauer vehicles speak a common language, both in terms of design and operating philosophy. This shows itself in the clear, function-oriented and modern design, with striking details that make them immediately recognisable as Rosenbauer vehicles. The operating system is now also the same across all series. This supports a smooth changeover between different types of emergency vehicles, and is particularly advantageous for the larger fleets of professional fire departments." says Markus Schachner, Head of Product Development at Rosenbauer.

New firefighting equipment
With the RFC Admix Variomatic, RFC CAFS Cube and RFC Cuttex, Rosenbauer is also bringing three new extinguishing systems onto the market. These help to reinforce Rosenbauer's core competence in this area and expand the extensive range of firefighting equipment through the inclusion of innovative products with high utility value.

The RFC Admix Variomatic is a foam direct injection proportioning system for municipal operations. Above all, it impresses with its precision and reliability, and offers a highly versatile range of applications, from wetting agent operation to the production of light, medium and heavy foam. The RFC Admix Variomatic is available in three sizes, as a single or multi-channel system, and with individually configurable injection points.

The RFC CAFS Cube is a new, super-compact, and also highly versatile compressed air foam system. This powerful all-in-one extinguishing device can discharge water, a water-foam compound mixture and compressed air foam, and thus a wide variety of extinguishing operations can be handled. The stand-alone system is very robust, can be used on the move and, thanks to its own engine, can also be installed in vehicles that do not have an integrated PTO.

RFC CUTTEX is a newly developed cutting and extinguishing system that incorporates ultra high pressure extinguishing technology. It is perfectly suited to water-saving indoor firefighting, and develops an immense extinguishing effect, because all water introduced evaporates and has an inerting effect. The additional function of the water jet cutter allows fires in closed rooms and plants to be extinguished safely and effectively without any need to enter them. RFC CUTTEX opens up a multitude of new tactical possibilities for fire departments. 

To the innovations

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