AT electric

Advanced Technology 

Innovative concept. Reliable handling.

With the AT electric, we’re taking a classic model with over 25 years of market presence into an electrified future. Around the world and in every scenario, this firefighting and rescue vehicle has impressed with its dependable handling. Not only is its design based on tried-and-tested AT technology, it delivers excellent quality, reliability and serviceability thanks to our expertise in series e-chassis. With a focus on proven technologies, the municipal vehicle of the future will use all-electric, off-the-shelf chassis with few subsequent conversions. Its sophisticated design concept supports the modernizing trend of e-mobility and speaks for itself.


Impresses with

  • Proven quality
  • Operational scenario in an urban environment
  • Large loading capacity
  • Perfect driving characteristics
  • Fully electric series chassis

The Energy Backup System.

In 90% of cases, deployments can be completed using only electric systems, which keeps emissions to a minimum. But, if necessary, the Energy Backup System (EBU) can keep the vehicle fully functional in longer deployments. This solves the issue of safety in the event of a disaster.

A sure footing in every setting.

When in place, the extendable treads under the battery packs combine with the swivel steps and other footplates to provide a consistent, sturdy foothold as always.

Powerful extinguishing technology.

The RFC Admix Variomatic direct injection foam proportioning system in combination with an N20 pump installed underfloor makes the AT electric to a real powerfull unit in terms of extinguishing technology.

Space for equipment.

By positioning the N20 fire-fighting pump under the floor, the AT electric has additional storage space in the rear equipment compartment.

Time to breathe.

A filter system can remove damaging soot particles, dust, smoke, gases and smells from the driver’s cab and crew compartment.