MT Forest

Modular Technology 

Forest and bush fire fighting vehicles.

Protective. Robust. Agile.

Fighting forest fires is one of the most extreme challenges for the fire service: highly flammable material is practically inexhaustible, the terrain is impassable, the supply of extinguishing agents is incredibly difficult, and the air is usually scorching hot. This places a great strain on the crews and the equipment. Rosenbauer forest and bush fire fighting vehicles therefore combine optimum off-road capability with highly efficient extinguishing technology and maximum protection for the emergency crew to create an extremely agile and powerful tool for vegetation and land firefighting.

Impresses with

  • Self-protection system cools tires and driver's cab in an emergency
  • Special vehicle structure protects the occupants, even in the event of a rollover
  • Pump & roll function enables extinguishing while driving
  • Turret can be operated from the driver's cab

Top priority: protecting the emergency crews

A forest fire is characterized by its extreme dynamics. The rescue personnel and their vehicles may become trapped by the flames. Thanks to the self-protection system of Rosenbauer forest and bush fire fighting vehicles, it is possible to drive through a wall of flame without functional damage: special nozzles, fed from a separate tank and the firefighting pump or, in an emergency, from a separate electric pump, cool the tires and driver's cab. In addition, there are optional breathing protection systems and special heat protection blankets in the driver's cab, which ensure survival in the vehicle even in dense smoke and high heat. Moreover, a tilt warning system can actively protect vehicle occupants on very steep terrain, while a certified Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS), available depending on the chassis, passively prevents serious injuries in the event of an accident.

Built for the toughest demands

Large underaxle clearance and short overhangs ensure a large angle of approach in both directions of travel and, in conjunction with the reliable all-wheel drive chassis, guarantee extreme off-road capability of all Rosenbauer forest firefighting vehicles. The body has been adapted to the demands of off-road use and impresses with uncompromising robustness in both structure and details.

Pump & Roll: extinguishing technology for forest fires

In the unbreakable polypropylene tank, which is also suitable for drinking water, even larger quantities of extinguishing agent can be carried to the scene. The combined normal and high-pressure pump provides delivery rates of up to 3,500 l/min and allows the simultaneous discharge of extinguishing agent (both water and wetting agent or foam) via reel as well as the bumper turret, which can be operated safely from the cockpit via joystick. Particularly important for forest fire operations: the pump & roll function - i.e. extinguishing while driving.

Wildland fire fighting on 2 to 4 axles

Rosenbauer forest firefighting vehicles are available on different chassis and in different sizes. The variants with more than two axles make it possible to carry a larger quantity of extinguishing agent and thus allow even more extensive firefighting or the supply of firefighting vehicles on the front line of the fire.