Aerial ladders

First attack vehicles

Firefighting and rescue at the same time

The "First attack" versions of the aerial ladders provide for optimal rescue, extinguishing, and assistance operations. With universal application, these vehicles can be individually equipped with truck-mounted pumps, water tanks, crew cabins, a rapid intervention hose reel, and technical equipment, including hydraulic rescue tools for the most varied of operational uses. All first attack­ components are fabricated from a single source and guarantee the highest quality and reliability.

The jacking system - unwavering stability equals safety.

Stabilizing vertical-horizontal jacking system

Every Rosenbauer aerial ladder is equipped with a hydraulic vertical-horizontal jacking system for stability. All support movements in the horizontal and vertical direction are continuously controllable within the maximum support range.


Narrow operational situations

The jacking system in the contour makes it is possible to extend the telescopic boom by the full extension length and rotate 360° even in narrow 3 m operational situations.


Jacking system adaptable to the terrain

The jacking system can easily move over obstacles. Rosenbauer aerial ladders achieve optimal stability even on uneven surfaces, because each jack adapts individually to the conditions of the terrain or street.


Extreme operational variability

The variable jacking system allows the aerial ladder to be extended to such a height that it is able to swivel over obstacles with the overhang of the turret, thus making operations below ground possible thanks to the ladder's inclination angle up to ­22°.