RDS Connected Command Demo

Simply find out for yourself

Experience RDS Connected Command in the demo application and become convinced of its extensive usage possibilities. Alongside a general overview of RDS Connected Command, the system interface and functions are also explained, and optional functions shown.


The highlight: In our own specially designed area, the observer will become a participant in a fictional operation! In five application areas and scenarios, the user is given the opportunity to make their own contribution to events. Just try it out!

Impresses with

  • Clear and simple structure
  • Create operational plans, manage Information, exchange data, coordinate operations
  • Five examples and Scenarios to try out
  • Step-by-step guided application examples

General information on RDS Connected Command

  • What is RDS Connected Command?
  • How does RDS Connected Command work?
  • System interface and functions
  • Optional functions



Application examples and scenarios

  • Fire
  • Traffic accident
  • Hazardous substances
  • Flood
  • Airport navigation (currently not yet in operation)