RDS Connected Command Alarm Monitor

Operation display 

For a quick overview of updated operational data

Vehicle hall – team dressing room – situation center – operational command

The RDS Connected Command Alarm Monitor gives a quick overview of current alarms as soon as you arrive at the firehouse. The display of the operational information can be flexibly configured and thus adapted to the requirements of individual fire department.

Important information such as the scene location, name and function of the responding crew, the type of operation, or the deployment order are displayed - a flexible and effective visualization of operations with included info monitor function for your organization.

Impresses with

  • Automatic and clearly arranged representation of alarm data
  • All relevant information at a glance
  • Flexible and adaptable to the requirements of each individual fire department
  • Info monitor function for downtimes
  • Alarm information system and info monitor combined


Alarm and info monitor – the most important functions at a glance

  • Display of incoming alarm data – automatic switching between info monitor and operation monitor
  • Operation keywords, notes, address data and other relevant additional information
  • Announcement of alarm information – acoustic rendering of operation keyword and address
  • Operation list – current and recent operations
  • Map view – different configurable map views, e.g.: travel routes, scene, firehouse
  • Travel route to the scene – map view with display of possible directions to the scene
  • POI/point of interest – water sources and drafting points on the map views
  • GPS tracking – current position of deploying crews on the map view
  • Display of deployed crew members - know who is coming to the scene
  • Display of alarmed units and organizations
  • AAO/alarm and deployment order – representation of vehicle names combinable with images. Free configuration by operation keywords
  • Integration of websites – representation of information from the internet and intranet via I-Frames
  • Integration of Google content, such as presentations, calendar, etc.
  • Weather information – representation of weather information and widgets from different providers (weather warnings…)
  • Video – integration of video information, such as traffic or monitoring cameras
  • Notes and information text
  • Date/time/alarm time
  • Images and logos – make the RDS Connected Command Alarm Monitor your personal tool
  • Multi-monitor function – representation of information for multiple end devices
  • Alarm printout – freely configurable automatic, multiple copy printouts for incoming alarms - keywords, address, map views,…

Flexible and individual representation

The fire department alarm system is accessed using a web application – no cumbersome software installation, and content can be accessed across platforms on different end devices and their browser application. A standard monitor or TV connected to a basic computer system or minicomputer will do – an alarm monitor system without expensive hardware.

The EAM provides numerous options for flexibly displaying information. The content is organized using "widgets" - these are graphical windows which can be individually placed and configured on the user interface of the EAM via drag & drop. Depending on which information is deemed particularly important, the view can be freely configured.

Not only can the individual widgets be placed freely, but the corresponding content can also be adjusted. Map elements along with operational information such as water drafting points can be precisely represented as can the travel route, the GPS position of vehicles, or the alarm text. External content can also be transmitted to the alarm monitor (e.g. via I-Frames from the internet). If a fire department is using multiple alarm monitors, the configurations can be saved in separate profiles and called up on different monitors.


  • Web application – no installation necessary
  • Simple design and configuration on a single screen with drag & drop
  • Remote configuration – central and easy updating of information on the individual end devices


  • No expensive hardware required
  • Individual configuration of the interface
  • Easy operation – minimal learning curve

GPS tracking

This function enables the optional display of the positions of emergency crews, vehicles or other resources in an alarm information system. The position information can be accessed using smartphone-based EMEREC Mobile applications, RDS Connected Command end devices or the Rosenbauer vehicle management system RDS Connected Fleet . The integration of Tetra end devices is possible on a project basis.

RDS Connected Command Alarm Monitor

The info monitor function is your internal communication system with the team – the electronic notice board for the most important information before and after the operation. Whether photos from the last operation, news from the organization, a calendar with the most important events, weather maps, notes, text and other relevant content. The configuration options allow you to create personalized layouts and content.

Interface to the alarm systems

The Rosenbauer Digital Solutions system components can be linked to the existing alarm systems, e.g., command centers, fire alarm centers, house alarm systems, etc. via different interfaces. Direct connections to various systems are possible in addition to an e-mail alarm server. Individual solutions for adapting the alarm are also possible.