RDS Connected Command

Information Management 

Mobile information management for emergency crews

RDS Connected Command is the software on mobile tablet computers. Operationally-relevant information can be accessed directly on-site through a wide range of functions and applications.

The mobile information management system RDS Connected Command brings data together from assorted sources - in real-time. Tools to support the incident commander are linked at a whole new level of quality. This results in a uniform situational overview for all crews involved.



Impresses with

  • Always current and accessible information
  • Easy distribution of information to other emergency crews
  • All emergency crews have exactly the same information

Introducing: Connected Operations

With Connected Command 5.0.0 it is now possible to share operation-relevant information with other organizations – hands-off and fully automatic – from start to end of a joint emergency operation. Currently, this feature is piloted for interested customers and we will activate this for you only upon request – available for all customers.

If you want to use this feature with partner organizations, please contact support.rds@rosenbauer.com for more information.


Mode of Operation

Data is put into the system once (RDS Connected Command Administration) and is then stored centrally on a server (RDS Connected Data Center)). The latter automatically synchronizes with the mobile end devices - so all data is stored locally and is also available offline at any time.

With an internet connection the end devices can communicate with each other and exchange data. Thus all operational units have the same view of the situation.

Situational Image

The Location Overview displays developments on site. Besides the constantly updated position of the emergency crews, tactical symbols and icons are available for situational management.


  • Interactive Location Overview
  • Vehicle positions in real-time
  • Standard mapping material (vector and aerial views)
  • Integration of existing Geo information system


  • Site overview: who, where, what
  • Support of operational management and communication
  • Simple maintenance via RDS Connected Command Administration

Alarm Data

The Alarm Data combines all important operational information. For example location, date and details of what is going on.


  • Information from the command center or an alarm system
  • Detailed data about the operation
  • Operational coordinates
  • On-site recording


  • Alarm data always ready
  • Area of operation and coordinates as foundation for integrated navigation to the location of the emergency 

Object Data

Object Data is information concerning objects on the situation map, such as fire safety maps, images, object information etc.


  • Direct access to electronic fire safety maps (attack routes, firefighting equipment, etc.)
  • Setting icons and comment fields on the digital fire safety map


  • Fire protection plans always ready
  • Exchange of sketched information between end devices (working folder)
  • Documentation of the situation directly in the maps
  • Visual support of radio communication


In the rush of an operation it can easily happen that something is overlooked. Checklists are the ideal tools to maintain a good overview.


  • Status information about work steps
  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Operating instructions
  • Specific information about the scene of the emergency


  • Leadership support
  • Illustration of existing work instructions
  • "No details overlooked"
  • Preparation and documentation of processes
  • Object and operation-specific workflows

Vehicle Rescue Information

The Moditech Crash Recovery System includes more than 7,400 vehicle models, with over 30,000 model variants for Europe (both left- and right-hand drive vehicles), North America and Australia. Trucks, buses and vans. On the basis of interactive datasheets available in 19 different languages, the system describes all safety and drive components relevant to the application. This information forms the basis for an efficient rescue of people from vehicles involved in accidents


  • Interactive representation of the vehicles with all operationally relevant safety and drive components.
  • Querying of rescue information for accident vehicles (airbags, gas generators, bodywork reinforcements, battery, etc.)


  • Rescue information about vehicles always ready and up to date.
  • Faster and more efficient deployment of hydraulic rescue equipment
  • More safety for emergency crews and accident victims

Hazmat Data

In order to know about the risks and correct handling of dangerous substances, integrated databases ("Roter Hommel" or "Chemdata") make the following information available:

  • Substance characteristics
  • Handling
  • Codes of conduct
  • Hazards


The voice-controlled navigation is tailored to the requirements of emergency crews .


  • Automatic acquisition of coordinates or address data from the mission control station
  • Navigation by manual entry of coordinates or address data


  • No laborious data entry
  • Efficient travel to area of operation


With RDS Connected Command you have access to the Internet and thus to a multitude of databases and additional sources of information.


  • All information on the World Wide Web
  • Quick and easy research
  • Preparation of researched web content (work folder)


  • Access to search engines
  • Databases
  • Disaster protection organizations
  • Central management of favorites
  • etc.



  • Integration of videos from operational, traffic and tunnel monitoring centers
  • Information before entering the scene and as live image


  • Objective image information instead of short verbal descriptions
  • Analysis of events on scene already during approach



  • Overview of alarmed resources
  • Status of resources (radio reporting system status)
  • Manual placement of resources (vehicles, operating tools, etc.) in the Location Overview


  • Faster overview of crew availability and operational tools on site


Important information for rapid intervention can be stored and shared with other operational units via the Workbook.


  • Central storage of documents or location views
  • Sharing these documents with other rescue personnel involved in the operation (automatic synchronization in online mode)


  • All operation-relevant documents at a glance
  • Support of on-site crews through centrally researched information
  • All operational units have the same information
  • Efficient communication with the command center/firehouse

RDS Connected Command Administration

RDS Connected Command Administration is the central administration and maintenance software. All system content is managed with this program, so that information called up on scene is always up to date. RDS Connected Command Administration can be installed on any Windows PC / tablet.

RDS Connected Data Center

The Microsoft Azure Cloud (Europe and Switzerland) is used to operate the Connected Data Center. All operational and security-relevant facilities meet the highest security standards. Both in the event of technical breakdowns and in real crisis scenarios, such as meteorological and military influences, the most undisturbed supply possible is possible. The Microsoft Azure Cloud is certified according to ISO 27001, which is a globally recognized IT security standard. Details about the certification can be found directly at Microsoft.