The most important operational information in pocket format

EMEREC Mobile is a smartphone-based fire department messenger, which supports a crew in everyday operational procedures. In addition to the alarm data received, hydrants, object data, and position information of operational tools and people can be displayed on the integrated maps of the firefighter alert app. EMEREC Mobile is especially impressive when used in conjunction with system products such as RDS Connected Command or RDS Connected Command Alarm Monitor.

For large-scale emergencies, for example, external emergency crews or other rescue organizations can be integrated in the positional display. 

Impresses with

  • Automatic transmission and representation of alarm data
  • Report for duty message - quick information on crew headcount
  • Illustration of hydrants, objects and icons on different map layers
  • Central administration of all system contents over RDS Connected Command Administration


NEW: Messenger Function - RDS Connected Command Feed

  • Sending and receiving of text and voice messages as well as videos and images
  • Supplement to existing operational information via radio
  • RDS Connected Command Feed available on Android, IOS (Apple) and RDS Connected Command


Benefits in operation:

  • Exchange of operationally relevant information in a closed and secured communication environment
  • Relevant communication contents directly available for deployment follow-up or reporting


RDS Connected Command Feed - Functions

  • Messages between all Rosenbauer Digital Solutions devices
  • Fast and efficient communication
  • Text/Voice/Video/Pictures
  • Rosenbauer Digital Solutions as a closded communication platform

Alarm data always accessible

  • Alarm data directly on smartphone
  • Automatic alarm notification via push function
  • Operation list with the last alarms
  • Map view to the scene of the emergency
  • Details on deployment: operational keywords, remarks, address, alarmed crews
  • Multi-orga alarm: Optional integration of the alarms of multiple organizations and hierarchies

Benefits in operation:

  • Simple and familiar operation via smartphone screen
  • Rapid overview of the current damage situation


Feedback of the crew reporting for duty

  • Deployment feedback (coming / not coming / coming later)
  • Overview of the crew reporting for duty
  • People and functions
  • Visualization of the feedback via RDS Connected Command Alarm Monitor

Map Functions

  • Vector/satellite and hybrid map
  • Visualization of operational scene/address
  • Points of interest – Display of operationally relevant additional information (hydrants, objects)
  • Display of the position of operational tools and people
  • Optional transmission of your own position (tracking)
  • Search function (map, points of interest)


Benefits in operation:

  • Rapid overview of operational situation


Navigation Support

  • EMEREC Navigation App – powered by Maptrip and standard navigation applications (Google Maps, IOS/Apple Map app)
  • Direct transfer of the alarm data to the navigation applications
  • Automatic opening of the navigation application
  • Navigation to scene of the emergency, water source, position of operational tools, people, or any points on the map


Benefits in operation:

  • Expedite the journey to the scene
  • No complicated interaction or data input required
  • Focus on the drive