EMEREC Dispatcher

Alarm and control center system for emergency response organizations

The EMEREC Dispatcher is the perfect solution for scheduling and alerting emergency response organizations. As a control center system, the application supports emergency organizations such as fire departments and rescue services much like it does safety centers and plant fire departments in industry and at airports. The EMEREC Dispatcher can be used in the traditional way in the stationary environment of an operations control center, but also mobile in the command vehicle or directly on scene. The flexible architecture of the alarm system for emergency organizations means it can be used in basic safety centers through to specialized control center solutions.

Impresses with

  • Reception of assignment, registration, and deployment
  • Alarm transfer to EMEREC system components and individual subsystems
  • Operational and leadership support
  • Use in stationary environment as well as mobile
  • Communication to subsystems via interfaces


Functions of EMEREC Dispatcher

  • Reception of assignment, registration, and deployment
  • Alarm transfer to the Pilot, Mobile, and Alarm Monitor EMEREC system components, as well as individual subsystems
  • Operational and leadership support
  • Reports and documentation for operational post-processing
  • Scheduling checklists and operations diary
  • Selection of mission coordinates or address as well as visualization of operational information via an integrated geographic information system (GIS)
  • Location of resources via GPS positioning
  • Overview of current and upcoming (to be scheduled) missions
  • Resource depictions
  • Centralized master data management
  • Flexible multi-monitor display

Areas of application

  • Control center systems for emergency response organizations, such as fire departments and rescue services
  • Command and control systems in the field of energy and infrastructure service providers (municipal utilities, municipal services, transport companies, tunnel maintenance, rail and public transport)
  • Operations center for airport fire departments (land- / air-side)
  • Safety and control centers in the field of industry and plant safety
  • Monitoring and security services
  • Security service support at major events, concerts & festivals, and also in leisure centers, shopping malls and the hotel industry


EMEREC Dispatcher can communicate with pre-existing subsystems via various interfaces. Based on existing standard connections, customer-specific interfaces can also be integrated, such as fire alarm control panel, GIS server, property database, etc.