Driver's Enhanced Vision System 

Reliable technologies for operational crews

RDS Connected Command DEVS (Driver Enhanced Vision System) supports the driver of a vehicle in poor visibility conditions.

The DEVS system consists of three components: navigation, tracking and vision enhancement. RDS Connected Command DEVS is a powerful system that is characterized by high precision and user-friendliness. It runs on the RDS Connected Tablet computer mounted in the driver's cab.

Impresses with

  • Precise navigation in airports, on factory premises etc.
  • Improved view thanks to thermal imaging camera
  • Overview of all vehicles


The system meets the following standards:

  • NFPA 414/2012 (Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Vehicles)
  • FAA guidelines 150/5210-19A (Guide specification for ARFF vehicles)


EMEREC DEVS allows for extremely precise navigation of vehicles in regions where conventional navigation systems fail. For example at airports, on factory or military premises or in industrial plants. An accuracy of 1.5 m is achieved thanks to a highly accurate location system.


EMEREC DEVS offers the following navigation functions:

  • Ortho or satellite photos for navigation
  • Fixed north map orientation / moving map “heads up”
  • Visual guides, text, and voice commands
  • Automatic route calculation
  • Manual route definition
  • Predefined smart routes and staging areas
  • Geo-fences with alarms


The tracking system improves situational awareness of the driver as well as the command and control center. GPS signals allow the ECC (Emergency Command Center) and all EMEREC DEVS users to see other vehicles on the map in real-time and to interact with them.

Vision Enhancement

A FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera facilitates navigation under poor weather conditions - like smoky, foggy, or dark environments - by improving visual awareness.