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From extensive fire protection concepts to complete fire protection technology

Since January 2016, the G&S Group has been a subsidiary of Rosenbauer International AG. The company offers a full range of fire protection products and services. The team of the G&S Group - which operates internationally - offers innovative fire protection systems and provides customers with tailor-made and complete fire protection solutions from a single source, from planning to completion and through to acceptance.

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  • A wide-ranging product portfolio
  • VdS-certified company
  • Innovative product developments

Water extinguishing systems

Water-based fire extinguishing systems compose the largest share of firefighting equipment. Water is the most natural and most environmentally friendly of all extinguishing agents. As water binds with smoke and pollutants, it is preferred for fighting Class A fires. 


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Gas extinguishing systems

Gas extinguishing systems are used to protect both people and material assets. The extinguishing effect of inert gases (CO2, nitrogen and argon) is achieved through the displacement of atmospheric oxygen. Material assets are optimally protected by this intergas-typical inertness. In such a scenario, nitrogen is a non-toxic gas used particularly for the protection of areas frequented by personnel, while argon and carbon dioxide, which are heavier than the surrounding air, permeate and flood the ground level quickly and thoroughly.

Of course, the entire extinguishing system is planned taking into account the necessary safety precautions and protection of personnel.

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Kitchen extinguishing systems

Deep-fat frying appliances are used in all areas of gastronomy, from fast-food restaurants to canteens and through to haute cuisine. Boiling fats and oils are highly flammable in these open devices and can pose a high risk to personnel and equipment alike.

The individually adaptedkitchen extinguishing systems from G&S provide reliable protection. These extinguishing systems have been developed specifically for the protection of kitchen equipment. Ansulex is used as an extinguishing agent because it is completely harmless from a hygiene perspective.

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Fire protection products

State-of-the-art fire alarm systems and fire alarm technologymake it possible to detect fire hazards in good time. G&S fire detection systems employ highly sensitive sensors in order to identify the first signs of a fire. The fire alarm system acts as a processing, controlling, and monitoring unit, checks this information, and autonomously springs into action in the event of an alarm. Meaning it alerts, informs, and guides firefighters.


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Fire Protection Services

Regular service, maintenance, and repair work is absolutely essential for fire alarms and extinguishing equipment. Skilled staff ensure the functional integrity of G&S fire protection systems and products through their unparalleled expertise and use of the latest measurement technology.


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