High pressure pump 

Extinguishing with the highest degree of efficiency

The compact dimensions and the low weight make the H5 high pressure pump unsurpassed as a built-in underfloor pump for small vehicles. This configuration creates additional space for equipment rooms - an unbeatable advantage for small-size vehicles.

Uncompromising and equipped with all benefits of Rosenbauer pumps - this high pressure fire pumps are the first choice for small-size vehicles.

Impresses with

  • Best extinguishing effect thanks to high pressure
  • Small size
  • Highest priming performance and automatic priming
  • Mechanical overheat protection

Efficient extinguishing technology for small vehicles

  • Quickly ready for operation through rapid intervention via the hose reel
  • Excellent extinguishing efficiency using high pressure - low amount of water needed
  • Space saving installation
  • Good addition for fire fighting vehicles with portable pumps

Technical data

  • 4-stage centrifugal pump as high pressure pump
  • Output up to 500 l/min at 40 bar
  • Sealing via maintenance-free mechanical sealing
  • Design of the high pressure pump as centrifugal pump
  • Thus making it resistant to contamination
  • Smaller pressure surges through flat pump characteristics


The H5 high pressure pump can either be installed in the rear-mount or underfloor.

Its small size opens additional space for the equipment room. Furthermore, a portable pump can be installed as the perfect addition.

High pressure pump as centrifugal pump

  • Resistant to contamination - low amount of maintenance needed
  • Continuous water supply - in comparison to piston pumps, for example
  • Smaller pressure surges thanks to flat pump curve

Piston priming pump (PPP)

  • KAP Professional
  • Automatic priming

Thanks to the unique drive system, the priming pump is always on stand-by to reduce wear and can be switched on at any time.

  • High priming performance
  • Safe to operate thanks to oil bath lubrication and inlet/outlet valves made from extremely resistant plastic
  • Resistant to waste water
  • Fail-safe thanks to dual piston redundancy

The priming pump is driven over a V-belt from the lantern or the gear-box. During the priming process the belt is tensioned via a lever. Once the priming process finishes, the belt is released.

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The optional automatic priming system offers maximum operational safety during water supply.

The priming process starts automatically - the V-belt will be tensioned for this. When the pressure builds to about 1.5 bar inside the pump, the priming process is stopped by an extending cylinder that loosens the belt.

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