Efficient fire fighting

The STINGER is a HRET (High Reach Extendable Turret) developed with the most modern methods of technology with a long reach and a large range of motion. It allows fast, precise positioning and impresses with its excellent extinguishing performance. The combined areas of movement of the water tower, the turret and the completely new type of "Piercing Tools" cover all necessary attack positions.

Impresses with

  • Automatic and quick setting through programmable positions
  • Large range
  • Wide range of movement
  • Excellent extinguishing performance

Programmed positions

  • The HRET can rotate through a total of 60° (30° left and right)
  • At the push of a button, 3 preset positions can be initiated automatically and quickly
  • Intermediate positions can be easily reached by releasing the button
  • With the STOW button the STINGER automatically returns to the idle position

Excellent extinguishing performance

Rosenbauer RM65 turret

  • The turret output of 6.000 l/min possible in the idle position corresponds to the high output amounts of conventional Rosenbauer roof turrets including the identical throw range of approx. 90 m.
  • In every raised position - up to 16.5 m high - 3,800 l/min can be output and achieve throw ranges up to 85 m.
  • The turret nozzles of the RM65 have, both vertically as well as horizontally, a total rotation range of 180° and permit continuous adjustment of the stream patterns from solid jet to spray jet.
  • With the integrated quantity adjustment you can choose between full and half output.
  • Option:The Rosenbauer turret with ChemCore option enables the centralized output of up to 10 kg/s dry powder.
    The powder which is included in the water stream then reaches a larger throw range.

Piercing Tool

Efficient interior intervention

The Rosenbauer Piercing Tool brings water to where it is needed. It has its own drive and firing mechanism and is hydraulically positioned and moved forward. This allows for exact positioning at any angle:

  • The vertical rotation area covers 180° in total.
  • Precise placement of the piercing lance with the aid of a docking sensor.
  • The piercing spray impresses with its lightness thanks to composite material, the same material used in the newest types of airplanes.
  • Extinguishing output is 1,000 l/min.

The combined movement areas of boom and piercing nozzle cover the most varied of positions, and all this with a compact build length.

Everything in sight

Stowage for cameras is provided on the head fo the high reach extendable turret - choose between a color camera and/or a thermal imaging camera (FLIR). Alternatively the color camera can be mounted on the piercing nozzle.

The central display in the cab allows the individual control of two cameras and shows the desired image in high definition. Thus precise positioning is ensured.

Ergonomic single-handed operation

The joystick for the STINGER can also optionally control the movements of boom, RM65 turret and piercing tool.

  • Buttons for the control of pre-programmed positions and activation of the piercing tools are arranged separately for safety reasons.
  • The current operating conditions (discharge of water or water-foam mixture and the extinguishing agent tank contents) are shown on the central display.

STINGER for industrial firefighting vehicles

Fighting fires in industrial zones

The efficiency of firefighting can be significantly improved by extinguishing from a raised position. The control of the STINGER from a safe distance via radio allows the best overview and precise application of the extinguishing agent.

  • The STINGER is equipped with a 360° endless arc of rotation for operations in industrial fire trucks.
  • Full turret output with 6,000 l/min in idle position without supports.
  • Two hydraulic support columns guarantee the stability for turret operation with 4,500 l/min in every position of the boom.
  • Option: turret for the central feed of powder into the extinguishing jet.