Automatic foam premixing system 

Proportional proportioning for the NH pump series

The high pressure foam proportioner HP FIXMIX enables proportioning at the high pressure stage of the NH pump series. This system operates in a purely mechanical manner. Therefore, it is also possible to operate the normal pressure side with water and generate foam in the high-pressure side at the same time.

On the high-pressure side, one fixed preset proportioning rate can be selected.

Impresses with

  • Best integration into the NH pump
  • Best foam quality on the high-pressure side
  • Simultaneous water on normal pressure side and foam on high-pressure side
  • Simple design and operation


The water flow through the connection line to the high-pressure side raises the water cone which in turn raises the foam proportioning cone.


Through the drive water, which is fed back from the high-pressure side to the normal pressure side of the pump, foam compound is added via the opening between cone and conical seat and mixed with the water supply of the high-pressure pump.


One defined proportioning rate is possible.

Technical data

  • Around-the-pump foam proportioning system for the high-pressure side of the NH pump
  • Fully automated, mechanically controlled dosing cone system
  • Water measuring range from 90 to 400 l/min
  • One proportioning rate (choose from 0.5%, 1%, 3% and 6%)
  • Tank suction and external foam suction operation possible