The waterpowered compressed air foam system.

The RFC CAFS Cube S is a portable compressed air foam system with very compact dimensions. In addition to wet and dry compressed air foam (DLS 200/600), it can also be used to generate wetting agent or water-foam mixture. The system is operated by a water-driven motor, which means that any fire-fighting vehicle with a water pump can be equipped with a compressed-air foam system without any conversion measures.

Impresses with

  • Intelligent design
  • Energy independent drive
  • First class extinguishing performance
  • Excellent throwing range
  • Visible extinguishing success

Smart design

The Rosenbauer CAFS Cube S is built on a DIN 8 transport frame and can be fixed with standard mounting systems or transported instead of a generator, depending on the mission cue. It is equipped with ergonomic carrying handles and can be easily removed from the vehicle and brought into position at the deployment site.

Energy independent drive

The RFC CAFS Cube S is fully manually operable and requires neither electricity nor fuel for operation. The motor for the pressure proportioning system and the compressor is driven by water drawn from the pressure outlet of a fire engine and returned via the water feed. This makes it very reliable, easy to maintain and simple to handle.