Protective boots

Maximum protection. Minimum weight.

Certified according to EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC for firefighting and rescue

Rosenbauer firefighter boots must primarily protect against flames, heat, sharp objects and cold - but they should also be quickly ready for operations. The operational fire boots from Rosenbauer are ideally suited for this. The innovative TWISTER enables quick putting on and taking off thanks to its special lacing system. The TWISTER-cross short fireman boots are suitable both for firefighting operations as well as being a real alternative for rescue personnel. The TORNADO laceup boot is a classic firefighting boot.

Impresses with

  • Selected materials
  • High-quality finish
  • Attractive design


Proven time and again



Strong support meets fast pull-on



The short boot for all operations


The right boot for every firefighting call

The next step. With broad forward vision.

With the actual line, Rosenbauer boots have achieved a completely new level of quality. Innovative technology meets modern design. High operational protection, as well as perfect wear comfort and low weight are the top priorities.

From indoor firefighting right through to forest fires and rescue operations

Different types of operations present different challenges to the emergency personnel involved. And as a result also for their footwear. To be able to offer suitable firefighter boots for any need and to best protect and support the wearer were Rosenbauer's requirements on their range of boots.

First to practice. And then to the customer.

The range of fire boots has been developed in cooperation with fire and rescue departments, shoe technicians and designers. The boots have been worn and tested in operation over several months by fire departments and rescue personnel in various countries.

This helped integrate valuable practical experience into the product development of the range of boots and helped to optimally adapt the boot to the requirements of the wearer.

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Fire fighting in the fieldxxxx
Technical rescuexxxx
Forest firexxxx
Forestry work (chainsaw)   x
Rescue operations x  

Highest quality standards and leading technology

Maximum protection

To protect the firefighter in the best possible way during operations. Based on this principle, Rosenbauer places the highest demands on all personal protective clothing. The boots of the current collection are all certified according to EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC and thus correspond to the highest protection class. With additional protection functions, such as ankle protection for example, Rosenbauer boots offer even more grip and safety.

Low weight

Operations lasting many hours, carrying heavy equipment, often under the most difficult of conditions. This is the day-to-day reality for many firefighters. To alleviate this, Rosenbauer boots ensure minimal weight on the legs and contribute to the successful completion of a fatigue-free, long-term operation.

Optimal fit

The shape of the foot of a person is as individual as their fingerprint. Rosenbauer has a boot for everybody, because the models of the TWISTER, TWISTER-cross and TORNADO range of boots provide direct adaptation to individual foot shapes. All boots also offer the 2-width system for wearers with a high instep (width 10 and width 12).

Sporty design

Alongside the wear comfort and the safety aspect, the design of the boot also plays an important role. The range of Rosenbauer boots has a particularly dynamic and sporty appearance. Silver reflective strips and the red flexible zones provide colored accents and Rosenbauer logo elements ensure a recognition element.


Ankle protection

The boots are equipped with ankle protection. The boot contains additional reinforcements on the inside and outside of the ankle area. Thus guaranteeing maximum protection against impacts and shocks. The ankle protection is tested in accordance with the guideline for safety shoes, EN 20345.

Flex Zones

Special flex zones increase the wear comfort of the boot, especially when crawling, kneeling and driving. The flex zones are lined with a specially soft foam and are located above the heel and in the bend. Some models provide additional flex zones in the shin and calf area.

Reflective elements

Well-thought-out details are the high-quality 3M reflective elements Their location on the boot is such that they are still visible even when wearing protective pants. The high-quality 3M materials are characterized by their durability and maximum reflection.


SympaTex® membrane

The SympaTex®membrane ensures both maximum breathability and water resistance at the same time. The hygroscopic components of the SympaTex®membrane extract the moisture from the body and dissipate them outwards by evaporation. At the same time, the membrane prevents the penetration of water. The SympaTex® high-performance membrane is much more flexible and more elastic than conventional membranes and thus remains functional even under extreme stress (bending movements, etc.).

The advantages

  • Highly breathable
  • Largely waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Protection against viruses, bacteria and bodily fluids
  • Resistant to various chemicals
  • Dynamic climate regulation (the more the body sweats, the more moisture is dissipated outwards)

SympaTex® is a registered trade mark of SympaTex Technologics GmbH.

The sole design. A sophisticated concept.

Not all soles are equal

The complex design of the sole shows that there is much more to it.

The many different layers fulfill a multitude of functions:

  • Joint-supporting heel insert: for secure footing
  • Insole: replaceable, anatomically shaped, washable
  • Fire protection sole: made from leather, anti-bacterial and moisture-regulating
  • Sealing fire protection sole: to seal the SympaTex® membrane
  • Steel insole: 100% puncture-proof
  • Nitrile air cushion sole: heat and cold insulating, anti-slip and wear-resistant, oil and gasoline proof
  • Anti-static metal strip: for electrical dissipation

Longevity and easy care

The practicality doesn't stop with firefighting calls for the range of Rosenbauer boots, but goes right through to care and cleaning. Starting with the selection of materials, colors and shapes, it is ensured that these are as durable and ease to clean as possible. The protective boots will have a longer service life when using the right cleaning agents and following some simple instructions.

The right way to care for boots in three steps:

1. Cleaning

First brush the dirt off the boot with a soft brush and lukewarm water.


2. Care

Then clean the boot with a suitable cleaning agent, so that the leather stays soft and does not become brittle. If you have colored inserts on the boots it is best if you use a colorless creme or gel.


3. Impregnate

Regular impregnation ensures that water repels off the boots and also provides additional contamination protection.

Boot accessories

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