The new generation of HEROS fire fighting helmets combines maximum protection with ease and perfect fit. The HEROS Titan at approx. 1,3 kg offers maximum comfort and withstands high mechanical loads and temperatures of more than 300° C without problem.

Fulfills all important standards and certifications for firefighting helmets

  • Type B/3b full protection helmet for structural firefighting.
  • EN 443:2008, EN 16471:2014, EN 16473:2014
  • ISO 16073:2011
  • Electrical isolation, resistant to chemicals (as a.m. standards)

Innovative ideas combined in the HEROS Titan

  • New helmet shell, minimal weight: Innovative, sporty bionic design, ergonomically shaped, made of high-perfomance polyamide, providing maximum safety and comfort
  • Optimized center of gravity: Perfect balance on the head, individually adjustable
  • Improved rotary knob: Individual size adjustment item outside even with gloves on
  • Integrated edge protection: Protects the helmet at the edges from bumps and scuffs
  • Optimized damping insert: Improved protection concept and even more robust against penetration
  • Visors - optical class 1: Visibility-supporting visor of optical class 1 for better visibility and optimized wearing comfort (eye protector optional)
  • One helmet shell for all sizes: Wide size selection from 49 to 67
  • High user- and service friendliness: All settings can be adjusted without removing the interior fittings, no spezial tools required for disassembly of main components, the complete helmet is washable (using a washbag)
  • Perfect fit: In just 5 steps, wearing height, headbandsize, position of the chin strap and wearing comfort can be adjusted easily and the helmet can be optimally aligned to the body's center of gravity

Scope of delivery:

  • HEROS Titan with integrated edge protection
  • Neck protection (standard)
  • Chin strap
  • Face shield: visor of optical class 1
  • User information


  • Helmet lamp: Powerful LED-helmet lamp with optimized luminosity and 3-charge lightning adjustment.
  • Thermal imaging camera: Unique worldwide - integrated hands free thermal imaging camera proviedes thermal IR-picture even at zero-light, additonal LED llights.
  • Eye protection: clear or tinted visor of optical class 1
  • Helmet trims, different colours
  • All around neck protection  (modell Holland)
  • Mask adapter
  • Leather chin cup
  • Leather headband cover (instead of textile cover)
  • PBI protective cover for extreme operations, fire container training.
  • Carrying and sponge bag

Weight (incl. face shield, without neck protector): approx. 1,3 kg

item no. 157301-555