Firefighting helmets 

Protection in perfection.

The smart firefighting helmet

In the HEROS H30, the high-end technology of the HEROS Titan performance helmet is transferred to another helmet shape to make it available to all Type A helmet users. The HEROS H30 and HEROS Titan thus share the same DNA and serve one and the same purpose: offering firefighters maximum protection, maximum comfort, and maximum ease of use.

The HEROS H30 firefighting helmet is certified according to EN 443:2008, EN 16471, EN 16473, ISO 16073:2011 and EN 14458:2018.

Impresses with

  • Maximum protection
  • Minimum weight of approx. 1.23 kg
  • Best visibility through rear position light
  • Optimized center of gravity and best wearing comfort
  • One helmet shell for all sizes (49 - 67)

The HEROS H30 comes with neck protection and a face protection visor as standard. The helmet is available in the following colors:

  • Luminous
  • High-visibility red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • High-visibility yellow luminous
Rosenbauer HEROS H30
HEROS H30 helmet shape

Smart helmet shape

The HEROS H30 firefighting helmet is designed as a type A helmet and offers maximum hearing ability with excellent protective properties. The helmet shell is made of lightweight high-performance material with high stability and a low weight of only 1.23 kg (standard version with transparent face shield and standard neck protection) and has an ingenious adjustment system for a perfect fit. These features ensure maximum protection and excellent wearing comfort.


HEROS H30 visors

Visibility-supporting visors

All HEROS H30 face and eye protection visors are certified according to EN 14458 and are designed according to the highest optical class 1. They ensure better visibility and are extremely comfortable to wear, even during longer operations. All visors are also suitable for eyeglass wearers.

HEROS H30 Helmet-mounted thermal imaging camera

Helmet-mounted thermal imaging camera C1

To facilitate search and rescue, the helmet thermal imaging camera C1 can be attached directly to the helmet without tools with one hand movement and without an extra adapter. The big advantage: The emergency crews always have both hands free to work.

HEROS H30 helmet lamp

Powerful LED helmet lamp

The powerful, explosion-proof helmet lamp has three different light levels. It can be attached and removed without tools by pressing the two locking buttons on the left and right. That means it can be used as a helmet lamp or as a hand lamp.

HEROS H30 damping insert

Highly efficient damping insert

The HEROS H30 firefighting helmet is equipped with a highly efficient, heat-insulating damping insert as standard. With its sophisticated protection concept, it ensures that impact energy is minimized and also protects the head from heat.

HEROS H30 center of gravity

Optimized center of gravity

The HEROS H30 can be brought into perfect balance due to the ergonomic alignment of the helmet's center of gravity with the body axis. The center of gravity and the distance to the visor can be adjusted quickly and easily, as the helmet shell can be moved back or forth relative to the interior.

HEROS H30 position light

Innovative position light

The innovative LED position light on the back of the helmet ensures increased visibility of the emergency crews in situations without extraneous light. The lamp is made of heat and flame-resistant plastic, explosion-proof (certification pending) and is clicked into the back of the helmet without tools. The luminosity can be set in five stages and two operating modes, illuminated and flashing.

HEROS H30 rotary knob

HEROS rotary knob for width adjustment

The tried and tested HEROS rotary knob on the back of the firefighting helmet enables the size to be adjusted quickly and easily from the outside and can be operated effortlessly even with gloves on. The special shape provides more grip and better feel, the mechanism ensures a generous adjustment range.

HEROS H30 edge protection

Integrated edge protection

The edge protector attached directly to the helmet is standard on the HEROS H30 firefighting helmet and effectively protects the edge of the helmet from impact, wear and damage.

HEROS H30 mask adapter

Fully flexible mask adapter

The optionally available HEROS H30 mask adapters offer flexible adjustment options and are suitable for use with all common respiratory protection masks. The mask adapters can be optimally aligned forwards and backwards as well as upwards and downwards.

Everything under control. Smart features for a tough helmet.

Comfort features

  • Extremely low weight of only approx. 1.23 kg for a comfortable fit, even during extended operations
  • Light helmet shell that can be aligned to the body axis for perfect balance 
  • Many sizes ranging from 49 to 67 with only one helmet shell
  • Easy size adjustment from the outside using the tried and tested HEROS rotary knob
  • Optimal, individual setting for every head shape
  • Tool-free dismantling of the interior and simple replacement of components

Quality characteristics

  • Powerful LED helmet lamp with adjustable luminosity in three levels and long lighting duration
  • Rear position light for visibility for the emergency crews in situations without extraneous light
  • Visors of the highest optical class 1 (also suitable for people who wear glasses)
  • Fully flexible mask adapter suitable for all common respiratory masks
  • Integrated edge protection effectively protects the edge of the helmet from bumps and wear
  • High user and service friendliness
  • Interior fittings can be washed up to 60 °C

Safety features

  • Fire helmet and visors certified according to:
    • EN 443:2008
    • EN 16471 Helmets for wildland fire fighting
    • EN 16473 Technical rescue
    • ISO 16073:2011
    • EN 14458:2018 Eye and face shields
    • Additional testing of electrical isolation
    • Additional testing of chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistant from -40 to +300 °C
  • Neck protector made of heat-resistant and flame-retarding materials

Safe, lightweight, and always innovative

The HEROS H30 inherits its brother’s most important characteristics, including minimum weight with maximum protection; multiple enhancements from mask adapters to a mount for a helmet light or thermal imaging camera, and full flexibility thanks to a wide range of adjustment options. In addition, all HEROS H30 accessories are compatible with the HEROS Titan and vice versa.


The HEROS H30 also has a new safety feature: the helmet position light for visibility. It embodies what Rosenbauer stands for: the drive to make even outstanding products even better.

Be visible. Always and everywhere.

More than just a small light.


The back light available for the HEROS H30 is more than just small lamp on the back of the helmet – it makes firefighters visible when reflective strips aren’t enough. That means anywhere there’s too little ambient light. The position light can be set to flash or shine continuously. There are five different intensity levels to choose from


The LED is explosion-proof (certification pending) and is powered by a AAA battery. At medium intensity, it lasts for approximately 75 hours of operation.


Perfect fit in no time.

Maximum comfort and ease of operation.

Correct fit is crucial in a firefighting helmet – not only for maximum protection, but also for the wearer’s comfort over time. A comfortable fit also significantly reduces fatigue, especially during long operations. With their innovative design, the HEROS H30 and HEROS Titan guarantee a perfect fit – on any head.


Adjust it once for a perfect fit – permanently.

The interior fittings of both helmets allow you to get a perfect fit in just a few simple steps. The HEROS rotary knob on the outer shell is easy to operate – even with gloves on – and permits adjustment of the head width within seconds. The headband, front section, helmet band and chin strap, as well as the adapters of the optional reduction set, make it easy to adapt the helmet perfectly to the wearer’s head shape. The first adjustment takes a few minutes, but all the adjustment options on the helmet are easy to understand thanks to intuitive labeling, and the process guarantees outstanding comfort – permanently.


In addition to the interior dimensions of the helmet, both the center of gravity and the distance from the visor can also be adjusted. Positioning the helmet’s center of gravity on the body’s longitudinal axis helps the head remain balanced.

Radio sets

Radio sets enable flawless communication when wearing helmets and respirator masks. They increase occupational safety under the most difficult of operating conditions, such as loud noise or acute danger. Three different versions are available for speaking:

  • Gooseneck microphone
  • Contact microphone, which is fixed to the inside of the top of the helmet
  • Airborne sound microphone


Universal adapter for HEROS H30

A helmet adapter is required for fixing the radio set to the helmet. The universal adapter enables quick and easy installation of the radio headset on the HEROS H30. The adapter can be easily mounted on the left or right of the helmet and thus forms the basis for accommodating various helmet headsets.

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