Feuerwehrerlebniswelt (Fire Fighters Adventure World) Augsburg: Experience the World of Firefighting up Close

Climb up a continuous ladder, get shaken up during an earthquake, or feel the full force of a fire during a flashover: the Feuerwehrerlebniswelt (Fire Fighters Adventure World) in Augsburg fully lives up to its name. Because here you can experience the life of a fire department up close – all with the support of Rosenbauer.

When a fire rolls over people's heads, it gets really hot: this is due to the enormous amount of radiant heat that such a 'flashover' produces, posing great danger in real-life scenarios. You can face this situation in a danger-free environment - and experience many other exciting attractions - at the Feuerwehrerlebniswelt in Augsburg.

Interactive experience

Across 3,000 square meters, everything revolves around fires and fire services, extinguishing and rescue, but also avoidance and prevention. For this purpose, well-prepared and exciting interactive adventure stations have been developed, where you not only get insights into the various aspects of firefighting and fire protection, but can also try out many different things for yourself. For example, how difficult it is to find your way through a completely smoky room. How exhausting it is to climb a turntable ladder. Or what an earthquake really feels like.

Feuerwehrerlebniswelt is the brainchild of Frank Habermaier. He himself was a firefighter and deputy fire captain of Augsburg's professional fire department and has experienced countless dangerous situations, many of which could easily have been prevented. This is the very reason why fire safety education plays an important role across the various stations. Habermaier explains what he feels is most important: "Feuerwehrerlebniswelt is not just about watching. It is an invitation to actively experience firefighting, fire departments and fire protection." And this invitation is open for everyone: because Feuerwehrerlebniswelt is aimed at children and families, active firefighters as well as groups such as school or company outings. There is even a separate seminar and training program for specialist audiences, for instance designated fire protection officers.

Cooperation with Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer has been supporting the Feuerwehrerlebniswelt for a number of years. Various exhibits - such as extinguishing systems and items from the field of personal protective equipment - are in use in the attractions. "Fire protection is a very important social issue. We are therefore proud to support an initiative like the Feuerwehrerlebniswelt, which sensitizes children, school groups and other interested visitors to the topic of fire prevention and thus offers real added value for society," says Matteo Paraluppi, Vice President of Global Marketing at Rosenbauer about the successful cooperation.

Incidentally, the cooperation between Augsburg's Feuerwehrerlebniswelt and Rosenbauer is set to be expanded. It will be exciting to see which new Rosenbauer products are going to be used for the attractions.

Find out more about Feuerwehrerlebniswelt in Augsburg here (German only): https://feuerwehrerlebniswelt.de/