RT in Berlin & RTX in Los Angeles: The electric revolution has arrived in the field.


Two new vehicles that are creating a stir in two metropolises on two continents: the RT in Berlin and the RTX in Los Angeles have passed their baptism of fire.

In 2018, the Berlin Fire Department launched the "eLHF" project - short for "Electric Fire-fighting and Rescue Vehicle." The goal: The "procurement and model testing of an innovative fire-fighting and rescue vehicle (LHF), which is to be equipped with an electric drive for driving operation and for the operation of the fire-fighting technology." The project was completed with a 13-month trial operation in the Berlin metropolitan area. The conclusion: lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and unrestricted usability. Or to put it more succinctly: during testing in almost 1,400 operations, Rosenbauer's new RT has shown that the revolutionary concept of an electrically powered fire truck is not a future scenario, but has already arrived.

90% of operations purely electric

The eLHF of the Berlin Fire Department was deployed in three different fire stations: In the Central training rescue station and in the Suarez and Schöneberg fire stations. More than 13,000 kilometers were covered, an average of about five to six operations were carried out every day (29 of which were firefighting operations), and almost 800 hours of operations were carried out with the new RT. More than 90% of all operations could be completed fully electrically, i.e., without the diesel-powered range extender.

The Rosenbauer RT has not only proven itself in smaller operations such as vehicle fires or refuse container fires: The deployment statistics also include roof truss fires, house fires and even a full-blown fire in a carpentry workshop, which lasted over seven hours. Whether with water or compressed air foam, the firefighting equipment worked flawlessly. With shorter operating times, not just the journey to and from the scene, but also the pump operation could be managed in purely battery-electric mode.

The American brother of the RT

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is proud of the first all-electric fire-fighting truck in North America. Rosenbauer's revolutionary concept was already garnering attention in 2019. Together with Rosenbauer, the RT was further developed to meet the requirements of American fire departments. The result: The American brother of the RT, the RTX.

The driving performance and dynamics of the electric drive are revered by the firefighters in LA just as much as the intuitive operation of the pump and the high-pressure hose reel, which has proven its worth especially in smaller fire operations. "This is a completely new tool for us. Our firefighters really value it," says Michael Dunbar of the LAFD. He also praises the excellent cooperation with Rosenbauer during the development phase: "That was crucial for the successful implementation of this revolutionary project."

Since September, the RTX has been in operation at LAFD between 10 and 20 times every day. "On one day, we even went out 22 times with the RTX, and we didn't use a single liter of fuel," says Chief Darius Cunnigan.

Pioneer in North America

LAFD is pursuing the ambitious goal of electrifying the entire vehicle fleet by 2035. Rosenbauer's RTX is thus in a pioneering role for the whole of America. "We are giving other fire departments across the country the opportunity to see how the operation of an all-electric vehicle works. The implementation of Rosenbauer's new RTX is important to show how you can use new technologies without compromising on operational readiness and performance," say Michael Dunbar and Darius Cunnigan. Because they are convinced that Rosenbauer's Revolutionary Technology concept fully lives up to its name.

Rosenbauer's RT is a completely new vehicle concept that is still under development. This makes the crucial feedback from Los Angeles and Berlin all the more valuable: various adjustments were already made during the testing phase in order to make operations even safer and more efficient. After all, for Rosenbauer's technicians it is clear that the revolution has only just begun.

RT in Berlin

RTX in Los Angeles

  • Test operation since 09/2020
  • Operational service since 02/2021
  • Operations 1,386
  • Operating hours 773
  • Kilometers driven 13,253
  • Test operation since 05/2022
  • Operational service since 09/2022
  • Operations 300
  • Operating hours 242
  • Kilometers driven 700