Like new again after almost 40 years: refurbishment makes it possible

The TLF 8/18 of the Marienheide fire department was put into service in 1982 in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Rosenbauer's technicians have completely reworked the vehicle and turned it into a TLF 2000 that once again fully meets today's high demands.

The vehicle is indispensable for the Marienheide fire department: an all-terrain fire-fighting vehicle that offers space for powerful fire-fighting technology and other equipment for fires and other operations. For almost four decades, this task has fallen to a TLF 8/18 built on a UNIMOG chassis. During this long period of time, not only have the demands on fire departments changed, but vehicle equipment and technology have also changed and constantly improved.

Refurbishment instead of new purchase

Because the chassis was still in very good condition even after many years of use, the Marienheide fire department decided not to purchase a replacement, but on a rebuild instead. The transformation from an aging to a modern, well-equipped emergency vehicle was placed in the hands of Rosenbauer's Customer Service in Karlsruhe. The refurbishment program offers the possibility to extend the service life of fire fighting vehicles enormously and at the same time to improve their effectiveness and operational strength.

Completely new body module

In this specific case, the chassis was thoroughly reconditioned at Rosenbauer before the body module was completely renewed. The 1800-litre water tank was replaced by a new tank with a lower centre of gravity and slightly higher capacity. The old built-in pump also had to make way for a Rosenbauer R120. The pressure outlets were moved under the equipment compartment at the rear, a hose reel was also installed at the rear and the TLF 2000 was equipped with an RM8 water turret. The vehicle has been upgraded considerably in terms of pump performance and extinguishing technology.

New LED lighting

Another focal point in the reconditioning of this vehicle was in the area of lighting. The special signaling system was completely renewed and the flashing lights were changed to LEDs. The scene lighting and the lighting of the equipment compartments were also implemented with modern, bright and at the same time energy-saving LED technology. In addition, a new traffic warning device was installed at the rear of the vehicle.

The areas of control and electronics were also subjected to a major overhaul. The entire vehicle cab was rewired and brought up to date, including conversion to digital radio. The control can now be carried out via a Hänsch module. This combined simpler operation with more efficient technology. Another new feature is the built-in reversing camera, which makes maneuvering in confined spaces much easier for the operator.

Even more ground clearance

One of the Marienheide fire department's briefs was to maintain ground clearance and thus off-road mobility. With the new hinged steps, Rosenbauer's technicians have even managed to increase the ground clearance and have also made further improvements in this area. In addition to the prescribed standard load, the request of the Marienheide fire department for extensive special loads could also be met. The new, well organized and ergonomically operated equipment compartments, flaps, and drawers make it possible.

The Marienheide fire department took delivery of the new vehicle in February and are delighted with it. With the newly rebuilt TLF 2000, they are once again well equipped for the challenges of 2021.

Rosenbauer's refurbishment program aims to extend the service life of vehicles, equipment, and other components while increasing their operational value. This results in a number of advantages for customers at the same time: in most cases, refurbishment is much cheaper than a new purchase. In addition, the training effort is kept within reasonable limits, because the personnel is usually familiar with the vehicle or the piece of equipment. The refurbishment program makes good products even better and brings them right up to date. And always in line with Rosenbauer's highest quality standards.