Modern, safe, efficient: the new FFFT Forest Fire Fighting Truck

Forest fires, bushfires, wildfires: fire departments all over the world are increasingly struggling with these dangerous challenges, not least due to climate change. In response to this, Rosenbauer is presenting the new FFFT 3500/100 forest fire tank tender, which impresses not only with its efficient firefighting equipment, but also its extreme off-road capability and sophisticated safety systems.

The new forest fire fighting truck is being developed and built by Rosenbauer Spain in Linares. For it is precisely in the south-west of Europe that fire departments are frequently confronted with the danger of forest and wildfires and they have a lot of experience in fighting such fires. And this experience has been incorporated into the design of the FFFT 3500/100.

From the very first glance, it is clear that the vehicle is ideally equipped for operations in rough terrain. The Renault D14 chassis not only offers a lot of ground clearance and compact dimensions, but also a switchable all-wheel drive and 280 hp engine output. The new forest fire fighting truck thus not only meets the high requirements of Category 3 of European Standard 1846-2 for all-terrain fire fighting vehicles, but also specific requirements for the protection of the vehicle's crew. This includes a driver's cab equipped with a rollover cell and a thermal self-protection system.

Safety as the top priority

The self-protection system includes spray nozzles for the underbody and the driver's cab. For example, if the vehicle becomes trapped by fire, you can activate the system and drive over a burning fire perimeter to get to safety. The self-protection system is fed via a 500 litre fused segment of the water tank. It is conveyed via its own electrically driven pump. This ensures that there are still enough reserves for emergencies even after all the fire fighting water has been used. Off-road driving safety is also enhanced thanks to the Rosenbauer DWD Driver Warning System. Sensors continuously measure the vehicle's inclination as well as the axial transverse and longitudinal forces. When approaching a critical area, the driver is warned by visual and acoustic signals.

Effective firefighting

To effectively fight forest and wildfires, the new forest fire fighting truck is equipped with state-of-the art firefighting equipment. The interaction of the NH25 combined normal/high pressure pump and the new RFC Admix Variomatic direct injection foam proportioning system enables the economical use of extinguishing agent while simultaneously delivering a high extinguishing effect. In high pressure operation, the fine atomization of the water ensures a greater cooling effect, and allows the fire fighting water to penetrate deeper into the forest floor, therefore also allowing it to be used efficiently to combat hot spots. With the Variomatic, the proportioning ratio can be continuously adjusted between 0.1% and 6%. The surface tension of the water is already reduced by the low proportioning ratios, and therefore the fire fighting water can penetrate deeper into flammable material, and the extinguishing effect is increased. At the same time, this minimises water consumption. If the proportioning ratio is increased, the fire can be smothered with fire fighting foam. An RM15 bumper turret is also attached to the bumper of the FFFT 3500/100, which can be controlled from the safety of the cab using a joystick.

Robust and light

The body module of the FFFT 3500/100 consists of two parts: the 3500 litre tank module made of polypropylene and the pump compartment behind it, made from aluminium profiles. This robust-yet-lightweight bodywork ensures optimal load distribution, a low center of gravity, and good lateral stability, which is particularly advantageous for use in rough terrain. Alongside the 100 litre foam compound tank, there is still space for additional firefighting equipment in the body module. The three spacious equipment compartments are fitted with dust-proof roller shutters and offer quick access to fire swatters, extinguishing backpacks, and other important items of equipment.

The FFFT 3500/100 forest fire fighting truck is also equipped with a 5,400 kg cable winch for pulling away obstacles, which can also be used for self-rescue if necessary. Lighting is also crucial, especially when it comes to forest fire operations. Here, the light package with high-performance LED lighting ensures good visibility both during operations in the dark and if there is a lot of smoke.

The new FFFT 3500/100 forest fire fighting truck combines everything that is required for safe and efficient wildland fire fighting: the latest technologies, state-of-the-art safety devices, and the greatest possible off-road capability. Rosenbauer has thus developed a special vehicle that provides firefighters with the best possible protection and support during wildfires.