The PANTHER sets the Bar

Three new PANTHER 6x6's were recently put into service at Glasgow Airport. The verdict of the airport fire department is clear: "The new PANTHER is top in terms of technology, safety, and user-friendliness, and it is perfectly adapted to its operational site."

Several PANTHER ARFFs have already guaranteed the safety at Glasgow International Airport, the second largest airport in Scotland with almost ten million passengers per year. Based on the positive experience with the flagship of the Rosenbauer fleet, the presentation of the new PANTHER generation was highly anticipated. And the expectations were fully met. The crews of the vehicles were enthusiastic about the new and innovative features, the maximum power, the safety features, and the functionality of the new PANTHER 6x6.

Impressive Performance

The impression that the Scottish firefighters remembered from the performance can also be backed up with raw numbers. 750 hp engine power, maximum speed of 120 km/h (74 mph), up to 14,000 liters of extinguishing medium capacity, a pump output of 9,000 l/min, and excellent acceleration: the PANTHER is still setting the bar in the ARFF vehicle market.

Extinguishing Effectively and Safely

The STINGER boom is the highlight of the three new PANTHER 6x6s for Glasgow Airport with regard to extinguishing technology. Not only does it allow the airport fire department to use new extinguishing tactics, but it also provides an enormous plus in safety. Rapid and effective extinguishing increases the chances of survival for passengers in an emergency. The boom, which can be extended up to a height of 16.5 meters, in combination with the throw range of the RM65 water turret (max. 90 meters) also ensures a large safety distance between the PANTHER and the operational site.

Of course, the PANTHER meets the regulatory requirements for aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles laid down by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): the decisive factor is above all the reaction time, i.e., the time between the alarm being sounded and the start of the extinguishing process on the tarmac. Thanks to its excellent driving performance, the PANTHER 6x6 fulfills this requirement with flying colors. A special feature of the new vehicles is the rear axle steering, which was chosen due to the limited space available at Glasgow Airport. It makes the Rosenbauer flagship even more maneuverable and makes it easier to position it quickly and accurately when needed.

Those responsible at Glasgow Airport are very pleased with the three new PANTHERs: "With the new PANTHER 6x6 we have not only strengthened our vehicle fleet, but have also invested considerably in increasing airport safety and the efficiency of the airport fire department." Rosenbauer is also pleased to have been able to live up to the high expectations. The next generation has once again shown that the PANTHER is the ultimate choice in the field of ARFF vehicles.