A beacon of innovation: the first fully-electric emergency vehicle in Europe

It is the first fully equipped tactical emergency vehicle in Europe to be powered exclusively by electricity: the new small logistics extinguishing vehicle (KFL-L), which was recently delivered to LINZ AG in the capital of Upper Austria of the same name.

Electromobility is nothing new for LINZ AG: the company already relies on electric drive systems for personnel transport and commercial vehicles, for example, for waste disposal. The new and fully electrically powered KLF-L is the next step for those responsible: "Among other things, the innovative vehicle will show how many - in some cases still unused - options are available with regard to new driving technologies," says Harald Forstenpointner, commander of the LINZ AG plant fire department. Two Upper Austrian flagship companies, both of whom have been committed to innovation for years, worked together to implement this showcase project: Rosenbauer and Kreisel Electric.

Full confidence in electric vehicles

On behalf of LINZ AG, we are 100% convinced that the first fully electric firefighting vehicle in Europe will also meet the high operational demands. On the one hand, operational failures would jeopardize the security of supply for customers and, on the other hand, cause considerable costs - and this risk cannot and will not be tolerated. 85 fire and technical deployments over the past year show that the 70 members of the company fire department are regularly required to and must be able to trust in the reliability of the equipment and vehicles.

Therefore, it was not just the spirit of innovation that drove the decision to trust in the quality of Rosenbauer. Of course, the new KLF-L F from the Compact Line series also meets all specifications regarding equipment and possible applications. For example, the vehicle is intended to support squads with breathing protection, the transport of firefighting water, diving and recovery missions, as well as disaster relief and technical operations. Financial aspects and a special consideration for the environment were arguments that clearly spoke in favor of the electric vehicle.

Climate protection as a self-interest

Thoughts about climate change also played a significant role: "Already today, fire departments have to be deployed more and more frequently because of extreme weather events that are attributed to climate change. Climate is, therefore, also in the self-interest of the fire departments," says Harald Forstenpointner. The purchase of the new, fully electrically driven KLF-L from Rosenbauer is in the spirit of sustainability and environmental protection: "Not only can we save CO2, but we can also give a visible sign of environmentally conscious action," underlines the commander of the plant fire department.

Anticipation for the commissioning

As the world's leading manufacturer of firefighting technology and fire and disaster protection and defense, innovation is an essential building block that contributes to the success of Rosenbauer. The implementation of such a showcase project together with another Upper Austrian flagship technology company - Kreisel Electric - once again demonstrates the competence of Rosenbauer in this field. And this has been much to the delight of the LINZ AG plant fire department: "There are several innovations in our new vehicle: the superstructure and drive system are really future-oriented. So, there are several reasons why the commissioning is eagerly awaited." says Commander Harald Forstenpointner.