Rosenbauer in Switzerland: A special case in a positive sense

While tourists associate the Matterhorn, Heidi, and fondue with Switzerland, other names play an important role in fire departments: Rosenbauer Switzerland, Rosenbauer International, and Ecosafe Gunzenhauser AG. Three companies with one goal: The best possible support of Swiss fire departments.


Switzerland differs from its neighboring countries in many respects - the best example of this is their direct democracy, which is highly valued by the Swiss. There are also marked differences to Austria, Germany, Italy, and France in regards to fire departments. Because in most cantons, there is still a legally prescribed duty to fight fires. Those who are unable or unwilling to participate must pay an exemption fee, the amount of which varies depending on the canton. In many parts of Switzerland, that is why there are no voluntary fire departments.


Professional or plant fire departments ensure safety in large cities, at airports, or in large industrial regions. Elsewhere, the organization of fire departments is in the hands of the municipality: In recent years, many local fire departments have merged into larger and better equipped conglomerations. Incidentally, the fire departments are largely financed by the cantonal building insurance: Building owners must pay a premium, the amount of which depends on the value of the building and the type of building.

How large and how well equipped the respective fire department should be is decided by the cantonal fire department inspectorate. It is responsible for classifying the municipalities into a hazard class, which in turn determines the target personnel and equipment level.

The role of Rosenbauer in Switzerland

Rosenbauer has been represented in the Swiss market since 1970, and since then has developed into a leading firefighting equipment supplier. From all vehicles, equipment, and extinguishing systems to the EMEREC operations management system, the full range of products is offered - not only in sales but also in terms of services.

Rosenbauer International is mainly active in Switzerland as a service provider for operations management systems. The entire EMEREC software range - operational support, information provision etc. - is individually tailored to the needs of the individual fire departments or other customers. This allows us to optimally meet the unique needs in Switzerland in terms of operational planning.

An important partner: Ecosafe Gunzenhauser AG

Drawing up operational plans is one of the core competencies of Ecosafe Gunzenhauser AG - making the company which is based in Kaiseraugst (Canton of Aargau) the perfect partner for Rosenbauer in Switzerland and the ideal contact partner for fire departments. Lots of project experience in the area of operational planning and extensive knowledge of event and disaster management are decisive points. Not only does Ecosafe market the EMEREC products, but the company can also take on the creation of operational plans and the preparation of the content of an operations management system – a "one-stop-shop" for fire departments, as it were.

Switzerland has been regarded as a pioneer in operational planning for decades: Ecosafe Gunzenhauser AG has made a name for itself, especially in the field of traffic routes - from road and rail right down to river navigation. With EMEREC Rosenbauer provides a system which, thanks to the know-how of Ecosafe, brings enormous added value for the fire departments. "In recent years, more and more customers have recognized the value of EMEREC," explained Markus Gunzenhauser of Ecosafe. Existing data can easily be maintained in the system and continually expanded. Thanks to its open structure, EMEREC also facilitates cooperation with other emergency response organizations. A point which is becoming more and more important, especially at large events. "Even more attention will be paid to the question of data sharing in the future. For us EMEREC is perfectly equipped for these future challenges thanks to its structure." That's why Gunzenhauser relies on the operational management system from Rosenbauer.


The form of organization, the partially specialized operational areas ranging from high mountains and miles of railway tunnels to huge industrial areas and the high standard of operational planning make Swiss fire departments a special case - in a positive sense. Rosenbauer and its partners are proud to be the first choice for the majority of Swiss fire departments when it comes to state-of-the-art equipment.