AMAG Austria: Well equipped with the new RLFA 2000

A powerful extinguishing system including bumper turret and rapid intervention system as well as a cable winch and space for various items of equipment. Packed into a compact vehicle, this is the new rescue extinguishing vehicle (RLFA) 2000 for Austria Metall AG in Ranshofen, Upper Austria. A vehicle that can be used to cope with almost any kind of operation.


Austria Metall AG in the Braunauer area of Ranshofen is one of the largest employers in the region with over 1700 employees. They mainly produce aluminum products for use in aircraft construction, among others. The company fire department, with over 100 members, is responsible for safety on the factory premises, on which other firms are also situated. Even the vehicle fleet is appropriately equipped: command vehicles, four universal firefighting vehicles, a rescue extinguishing vehicle, two fire fighting vehicles and a heavy-duty fire fighting vehicle all from Rosenbauer. 

Equipped for fires and technical operations

Basically, the new RLFA 2000 had to meet a great challenge: It was to be equipped for both firefighting and technical operations. The vehicle has been constructed and equipped accordingly.


A MAN TGM with all wheel drive was used for the chassis, the cab offers space for six people and the driver. The heart of the extinguishing system is formed by the NH 35 pump and the FIXMIX foam proportioning system: at normal pressure at 10 bar up to 3,500 liters water can be output per minute, at high pressure up to 400 l/min at 40 bar. Two fixed proportioning rates are available for extinguishing with foam: 1% or 3%. Alongside the standard discharge outlets, the RLFA is also equipped with a HP rapid intervention hose reel and a RM 15 bumper turret. Thanks to pump & roll, it can already be used during the drive to the operation.

Powerful cable winch & lots of space for equipment

In order to cope with the technical tasks involved, the equipment compartment accommodates extensive equipment. The space on the roof is also used: Not only can you store other objects in the roofbox, it is also fitted with LED lighting, just like all equipment compartments, the traffic-directing device on the rear, and scene lighting. With a tractive force of 50 kN, the TR030/6 cable winch from Rotzler is a great support for many different technical applications. 

95% of applications covered

Along with the high quality and the price/performance ratio, the combination of extinguishing system and equipment for the most diverse rescue operations was the decisive point that clinched it for the new RLFA 2000 from Rosenbauer. "With the new operational vehicle, fires and technical operations can be dealt with at the same time. Thus all operationally relevant equipment is immediately on the scene with the first vehicle. 95% of operational deployments can be covered by this vehicle alone," the commander of the AMAG company fire department, Gerhard Friedrich Rossmaier, is completely satisfied.