Better vision. More safety. More options.

Heat, smoke-filled rooms, darkness and difficult orientation: interior fire attacks and night operations present fire fighters with huge challenges. The new helmet-mounted thermal imaging camera from Rosenbauer delivers valuable support in such operations. Searching for missing people or detecting heat sources is made much easier. And the best thing about it: emergency crews have both hands-free at all times.

A burning building, missing people. Everything must happen quickly. The breathing protection crew check the equipment one last time before entering the totally smoke-filled building. The thermal imaging camera is plugged into the helmet with one motion, the integrated helmet lamp is activated and the display placed in the optimum position in front of the face via a flexible goose neck. Then it's time to enter the building. The display shows the current visual field as a thermal image. Heat sources and hot spots are made visible despite complete darkness and a lot of smoke.

The helmet thermal imaging camera also provides important support when searching for missing people. The camera can not only see things which are usually hidden to the human eye in smoke or darkness – even in disaster operations such as in collapsed buildings or earthquakes the modern technology can help locate and rescue people quickly.

Clear sight - free hands

Particularly working with both hands is a huge advantage. Moving obstacles, extinguishing or also rescuing people – you've got both hands free for all these activities. Thanks to the light weight of just over 350 grams incl. batteries and the balanced position, the camera on the helmet is barely noticeable. The display remains in your optimum field of vision during each head movement, so you can always keep an eye on possible sources of danger. Thanks to the operational duration (thermal imaging camera 1.5 hours, LED lamp 2 hours, 1 hour combined operation) and the two replacement batteries, the helmet thermal imaging camera can also be passed on from one crew to another during operation.

One-of-a-kind system

The one-of-a-kind system of helmet and thermal imaging camera are perfectly matched and offer a symbiosis of simple operation, high wear comfort and large functional scope. The 2.4 inch display (4:3 format; resolution 384 x 288 pixels) can display temperatures from -40°C to 1,200°C. Both high-performance LEDs with 280 lumens can either be used alone or in combination with the camera. The helmet thermal imaging camera is also explosion-protected (certification in progress) and very robust. The emergency crews have five different color representations available. Depending on the usage purpose and personal preference, you can choose between Search Mode (hottest area red), White-Hot mode (hottest point white), Black-Hot Mode (hottest point black), Full-Color Mode (full color spectrum) and Green Mode (shades of green, hottest point white).

Top equipment for affordable price

The procurement of a thermal imaging camera was associated with a significant financial outlay until just a few years ago. The new helmet thermal imaging camera can not only easily keep up with hand-held cameras in terms of technology, but also in terms of price. The major advantages they offer with their versatility, the usual solid Rosenbauer craftsmanship and the simple handling make them a highly sought after piece of equipment for professional and volunteer fire departments across the globe.