Full power with few staff

Quick operational readiness. Easy operation. High capacity. These were the key points to be met by a new universal fire fighting vehicle for the MOL Group from Hungary. Rosenbauer's solution: A vehicle which, among other things, boasts a combined normal and high-pressure pump, two foam tanks and a foam-powder turret. The result: powerful and intuitive operation, which is low on personnel requirements.


The Hungarian MOL Group has almost 30,000 employees and is one of the largest companies in Europe. MOL works in the gas and oil sectors and has offices in over 40 countries. From oil and gas production to refining, petrochemical production, power generation and gas stations, the MOL Group covers the entire spectrum in this field.


Some branches of the company, of course, also have their own operational fire departments. Since 1995, the FER Fire Brigade has been responsible for fire protection in the Százhalombatta refinery. Today, more than 200 professional, and a number of part-time, firefighters work across several locations for the MOL Group. Fast attack vehicles, foam fire trucks, HAZMAT vehicles, hydraulic platforms and other special vehicles ensure that, in an emergency, action can be taken quickly and efficiently. And the new universal fire truck (ULF) 4000/600/200/500 was built exactly for this purpose.

Maximum extinguishing power with limited personnel

This is where a ULF built on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs comes into play in the industrial plant at Komárom, in the north of Hungary. Here, a particular challenge is the fact that not a lot of staff are available. Additionally, no full-time firefighters are employed here. Therefore, for those responsible for FER, it was important that most of the operating processes of the ULF are automatic and that the professional equipment is easy to use.


The main areas of firefighting operations of the new vehicle are centered around fuel and tanks. In such situations, it is important that large amounts of extinguishing agent can be applied in a short time. The combined NH45 normal and high-pressure pump puts out 4,500 liters (10 bar) or 400 liters (40 bar) at the corresponding flow rates. With the FIXMIX foam proportioning system a large amount of foam compound can also be admixed. A special feature of this is the compartmental foam tank. It allows you to choose between two different foaming agents, depending on which is most suitable for the application at hand. Furthermore, a 500 kg dry powder unit, including a powder rapid intervention hose reel is installed in the ULF.

Combined firefighting with a roof turret

The various extinguishing agents can be applied via the RM35C roof turret , which features a special ChemCore nozzle. This makes it possible to not only apply 3,500 liters of water per minute (at 10 bar), but in addition to apply 10 kg dry powder per second. In this manner, extinguishing powder can be fed directly via a hollow jet, allowing for an otherwise unattainable throw range and extinguishing effect can be achieved. The roof turret is controlled by a single person via remote control.


The capacity of the ULF has also been designed to provide portable foam monitor or semi-stationary foam extinguishing system with adequate extinguishing agents. Compared to its predecessor model, a fivefold amount of foaming agent is now carried on board, and application is therefore possible for five times longer.


The innovative concept of combined firefighting, the outstanding quality of the technical components, and simultaneously simple operation were convincing arguments for the new ULF from Rosenbauer. The FER Fire Brigade now has another powerful special extinguishing vehicle available to intervene quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.