High-tech fleet for a Turkish metropolis


More than four million people live in the Turkish port city of Izmir. The vibrant metropolis is the third largest city in the country and is considered to be both cosmopolitan and modern. Izmir's city fire brigade is also extremely modern: The existing fleet will be expanded with 60 new high-tech vehicles from Rosenbauer.   These are the latest tank firefighting and aerial rescue vehicles from Rosenbauer's product range, which will be put into service at the Izmir city fire department. They improve not only the extinguishing and rescue capacity, but also operational efficiency. 


Tank firefighting vehicles of the latest generation

The majority of the more than 60 vehicles commissioned are the fully equipped tank firefighting vehicles. These have between 2,700 and 18,000 liters of extinguishing agent on board, alongside extremely versatile firefighting equipment. The built-in pumps can be operated at normal pressure or high pressure (40 bar).  A special feature of the tank firefighting vehicles is the built-in foam extinguishing technology. As with the extinguishing giants that are used in large industrial plants, the tank firefighting vehicles for Izmir have three different systems for foam generation installed. The FIXMIX 2.0 around-the-pump foam proportioning system is used when a large amount of foam is needed during an operation. With the  DIGIMATIC pressure proportioning system, mains water can be generated. With a proportioning ratio of 0.1% (the lowest value that is currently technically possible) the surface tension of the "normal" extinguishing water is reduced. This can penetrate deeper into flammable material than pure water. As a third option in terms of foam generation, the fire trucks are also equipped with a CAFS mixing chamber. There, the water-foam mixture coming from the DIGIMATIC is actively foamed using compressed air. The CAFS foam is very light and has a high energy content. It adheres perfectly to smooth and vertical surfaces and also scores well with its great throw range.


The latest turntable ladders for rescue and extinguishing

With the L32A-XS 2.0 FA, Izmir's firefighters have opted for a model that shines particulary in the narrow old streets of the bazaar district. Thanks to the special pivot, the turntable ladder can be erected even in very confined spaces. The L32A-XS 2.0 FA is equipped with the new HR-500 MF rescue cage, which impresses with its universal applicability. With a few easy steps, you can equip the cage as a holder for a stretcher or remove the cage front to provide barrier-free access. With the new XS, Izmir's firefighters are now able to reach locations which were previously considered 'blind spots' for turntable ladders, or which were impossible to reach for cages. The acronym FA stands for 'First Attack': This means that the aerial appliances are equipped not only for rescue, but also for the initial attack in the event of a fire. The built-in pump, foam proportioning system, water riser, and water monitor on the cage make it possible to rapidly launch an extinguishing attack from the cage.


Special equipment for special vehicles

But not only the firefighting equipment of the new vehicles for Izmir is state of the art. Many of the new vehicles are additionally equipped with remote-controlled cannons (front and roof turrets), front, cab and reversing cameras, and the DWD Driver Warning Device. It measures, for example, the vehicle's inclination, and supports the operator in the safe control of the vehicle. For special applications, some vehicles are equipped with special equipment: This ranges from an ROV, to avalanche beacons, all the way to drones. With the expansion of the fleet with the latest, cutting-edge vehicles from Rosenbauer,  Izmir's firefighters are once again living up to their reputation as a pioneer and trendsetter in Turkish firefighting.