More Light - More Options

The RLS2000 is the successor of the RLS1000 portable lighting system. Even the older model impressed with many possible applications and excellent performance. The RLS2000 with its multi-functional light head consisting of three LED panels has even more functions - including the wide-area 360° floodlight.


The RLS2000 has remained true to the principle of its predecessor: It is a powerful, portable lighting system that is quickly deployed for use and can be adapted perfectly to numerous situations. At the heart of the RLS2000 is the light head. It consists of three powerful LED panels that can each be individually aligned. Whether large-area 360° illumination or a targeted work light, everything is possible. The tilt angle can be individually adjusted for each panel and thus the light is directed to where it is really needed. Of course, all three panels are can be operated separately.

Perfect light in every situation

As bright as daylight with the RLS2000 - in the truest sense of the word. With a color temperature of 6,500 Kelvin, the illumination system has a similar value to that of daylight. The light can be adapted to the corresponding situation, thanks to the variable focus and dimming function. The diffuser can diffuse the light and thus provide a wide-area floodlight on the scene. The light beam can also be concentrated if you want to illuminate something in particular. The stepless dimming function makes it possible to adjust the brightness to the requirements of the situation. If the light output is too strong, you can reduce it and thus ensure a pleasant working light.

Illuminating, securing, marking

The RLS2000 isn't only for site illumination. The three LED light heads can also be used as colored flashing lights. In addition to white, it can also be changed to red, blue, green or yellow. The lighting system is therefore perfectly suited to securing operation sites quickly, or to marking certain drafting points (for example, green for the SCBA meeting point, red for operational control, etc.).

Extensive accessories

The fold-out adjustable feet ensure the stability of the illumination system on uneven surfaces. With the supplied extension poles, the light head can be fixed at an height of up to 1.80 m. Available accessories also include a five-meter high tripod and the associated extension cord. This allows you to illuminate an operation site from above, reducing the risk of blinding emergency crews. The light head is compatible with the RS 14 power generators and the FOX portable pump, and are for these devices also available as accessories.

Immediately and easily ready for operation

The RLS2000 weighs just above 12 kg and can be easily carried by one person. Along the route to the operation site, it can be used as a flashlight for better illumination. Whether in buildings, difficult terrain or floods: The RLS2000 is quickly made ready and does not need a power generator or bothersome extension cords to operate. Just set it up and turn it on for three hours of perfect, 100% light output at the site. If the power is reduced - which is sufficient in many cases - the service life can be extended up to ten hours without additional power supply. The lead gel battery can either be easily charged by an electrical outlet for a cigarette lighter via a 12/24 V charger, or charged and operated in parallel from a 230 V socket via an AC adapter (sold separately). The "intelligent" charging unit not only monitors its own battery status, but also that of the donor battery (e.g., the vehicle battery).

The advantages of the RLS2000 are not only appreciated by fire departments. Other organizations such as the Agency for Technical Relief (THW), rescue services and the Belgian police service rely on the flexible and efficient lighting system.