Only the best for the best airport

The Changi Airport in Singapore has always been a pioneer when it comes to cutting-edge technology. No wonder it has been named "World’s Best Airport" three times in a row! And they live up to their reputation once again: the very first new-generation PANTHER 6x6 HRET was recently shipped to Singapore.

The numbers at the Changi Airport in Singapore are impressive: more than 50 million passengers are serviced every year. The airport grounds are stretched across 1,300 ha. And an airplane takes off or lands every 90 seconds. That the airport is equipped with all of the latest technology is a matter of course for the operators. Singapore is a very modern country that places immense value on technology. It is no coincidence that Singapore Airlines was the first airline to roll out the Airbus 380. A great deal of importance is also placed upon the most modern fire & rescue technology at the Changi Airport. In fact, they were the first airport to introduce Rosenbauer's novel escape stair concept.

Many Years of Collaboration with Rosenbauer

Singapore has relied on its collaboration with Rosenbauer for years. The airport currently maintains a fleet of 16 Rosenbauer vehicles: one rescue vehicle, one lighting vehicle, three BUFFALO ARFF vehicles, and two escape stairs. An additional nine new PANTHERS are used in conjunction with the Singapore Airforce: six RIV PANTHER 4x4 S with special rescue platform, one PANTHER 6x6, and two PANTHER FL 6x6 S. And the Changi Airport is staying ahead of the curve as the first airport worldwide to order the new-generation PANTHER 6x6. It recently shipped out.

The Highest Demands Fulfilled

The PANTHER not only meets the guidelines of the highest fire protection category (10) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the American National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), but was also designed to meet the requirements of the airport operator. With a total vehicle height of just 3.8 m, the PANTHER easily travels through the tunnels located on the airport grounds. No wonder the PANTHER 6x6 is the flagship of the Rosenbauer fleet: a 700 horse power engine accelerates the 39-ton Changi Airport model to top speed in just seconds. A FIXMIX 2.0 proportioning system is integrated into the N80 centrifugal pump (output of 9,000 l/min at 14 bar). The proportioning rate can be adjusted to 3, 6, or 9 %. The PANTHER is not only equipped with an RM65 roof turret and RM15 bumper turret, but it also features a STINGER boom which extends to just over 16.5 m. If needed during an emergency, the attached piercing tool can pierce the hull of an airplane and inject extinguishing agent into the compartment. And they are packed with extinguishing power: the PANTHER 6x6 has enough tank space for 12,000 l of water, 1,500 l of foam compound, 250 kg of powder and 100 kg halotron.

"The Best We've Ever had in a Firefighting Vehicle."

The extinguishing technology certainly attracted the operators, but the safety system on the new PANTHER also makes it an outstanding aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle. The Birdview system allows operators to generate a real-time image of the vehicle environment that is viewed from inside the cabin. This means the crew has eyes on everything all at once! The PANTHER for the Changi Airport is also equipped with RSC (Roll Stability Control). Through the reduction of engine torque and automatic braking, this system reduces the risk of vehicle rollover in extreme situations. The airport operators were able to comprehensively test the RSC and they were truly impressed: "This is the best safety feature we have ever had in a firefighting vehicle." After the official delivery of the PANTHER 6x6 at the beginning of April, the most modern aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle in the world will be in service at the renowned Changi Airport.