80 new HEROS-titan for the Schärding Volunteer Fire Department

The Schärding volunteer fire department is highly professional not only in coping with various deployments: They also follow a long-term plan in the procurement of personal protective equipment. Now that the entire crew was to be equipped with new helmets: The choice fell on the new HEROS-titan. Before handing them over, the helmets were perfectly adjusted for every single firefighter.


The purchase of new helmets was planned for some time and had a relatively long lead time. The Schärding fire department left nothing to chance: A pre-selection of a total of 13 helmets from three different helmet manufacturers was made in the spring of 2015 after extensive research, in order to put them through their paces. For this, a test group was formed consisting of firefighters from the brigade as well as younger and older active crew members. Each member of the test group tried every helmet, with subsequent feedback discussions. Experiences with the helmets were documented, the helmets rated, and opinions exchanged. In exercises, they could see how the different helmets proved themselves in practice, such as with respirator use or over long periods of wear.

Consistent overall concept and superior price-performance ratio

The HEROS-titan was impressive in these extensive tests: The low weight, the coverage of the entire size spectrum with a single helmet shell, simple and individual settings, and the lamp - in short, the harmonious overall concept - provided strong arguments. Even the perfect price/performance ratio was praised by the members of the Schärding fire department.

At the end of October 2015, 80 HEROS-titan helmets were ordered. All helmets carry helmet stripes, the lettering "Feuerwehr Schärding," and on the right and left even the name of the respective wearer is affixed. All are equipped with a helmet lamp. In addition, the helmets are accompanied by two clear visors and a respirator adapter.

Each helmet perfectly adjusted

The helmets were not merely issued to their future carrier: Each helmet has been perfectly adjusted to the head upon which it will sit in the future. Five crew members have also been trained for this purpose. The command of the Schärding fire department takes it to heart that crew only ever set out to operations with a perfect set of personal protective equipment. In terms of comfort, but also with regard to safety, they take advantage of the possibilities of the HEROS-titan optimally. Assistance in adjustment was also provided by experts from Rosenbauer.

Crisis-proven fire department

The members of the Schärding fire department, although all involved voluntary, value professionalism highly. Their operational area includes busy main roads and a railway line. Accordingly, they are often called out to traffic accidents. The main fire department is also equipped with a heavy rescue vehicle. Fires in the narrow old town are a particular challenge in Schärding.

The Schärding fire department became known to the general public during the floods of 2013. Almost half of the municipal district of Schärding was flooded, affecting more than 300 homes. Over 10,000 sandbags were filled, and 3,600 emergency personnel including firefighters, Red Cross, police, water rescue, and army had to be coordinated and their cooperation managed. Here, a shift operation with 800-900 personnel per shift was coordinated and maintained over a prolonged period.