On duty in paradise: No island is too small for a PANTHER

This island paradise in French Polynesia is located thousands of kilometers from the nearest continent in the middle of the Pacific. But white sand beaches and turquoise blue water are not the only things awaiting visitors who arrive at the international airport on the main island of Tahiti: Even this exotic location has a PANTHER for airport safety.

When visitors arrive in Tahiti and disembark from the airplane, the scent of the ocean and tropical temperatures heighten the excitement of taking a first dip in the water. 270,000 people inhabit this paradise of 118 islands and atolls located in the middle of the Pacific midway between Australia and South America. Airplanes are one of the most important forms of transportation in French Polynesia. As a result, the "Tahiti Faa’a" international airport sees a great deal of air traffic. Approximately 1.7 million passengers are served every year. And what better protection for this tropical island than Rosenbauer's flagship: A PANTHER 6x6 S ensures the safety of this important airport. The PANTHER was attractive to the operating company for a number of reasons: In particular, the high-quality workmanship, the selection of durable materials and the robustness of the vehicle tipped the scales in favor of Rosenbauer's aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle.

The salt water challenge


The tropical climate and the ocean are the main reasons tourists visit the island paradise of French Polynesia. However, extreme weather conditions (salt water, wind, rain, sun, heat) pose a great challenge to vehicles. Due to constant contact with salt water, corrosion protection plays a big role. The outstanding quality of Rosenbauer-built vehicles makes a big difference in this regard: The PANTHER 6x6 S stands out with high-quality and corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum, INOX, and gunmetal. Especially valuable is the double-layer underbody coating, which completely curbs corrosion.

Slim silhouette – broad performance spectrum


Due to space constraints, the streets and thoroughfares at the airport in Tahiti are narrow. With a width of just 2.55 m, the PANTHER S is smaller than the standard PANTHER (3 m wide), which allows for effortless maneuverability even in tight spaces. The PANTHER S also satisfied the "code de la route" – the French Road Traffic Regulations. This allows for street-legal travel without special authorization. This also means that the PANTHER S is the certified standard vehicle for airports in France, and not just overseas like in Tahiti.

No room for compromise


The slim design of the PANTHER S does not mean, however, that the vehicle lacks the space for modern and powerful extinguishing systems. Its tanks have space for 9,100 l of water, 1,200 l of foam compound, and 250 kg of powder. The R600 gunmetal pump has an output of 7,000 l per minute at 10 bar. The FOAMATIC A gunmetal foam proportioning system allows the selection of different proportioning rates (1 %, 3 %, 6 %). The RM60C roof turret and RM15C bumper turret ensure the output of large volumes of extinguishing agent with pinpoint accuracy. The location of Tahiti in the middle of the Pacific also poses a great challenge for maintenance and service. Using remote monitoring, our after-sales service team can provide fast support despite the great distance. The robust design and quality of materials ensure that PANTHER service technicians rarely need to travel to the island paradise.