Powerful and reliable: The new RS 14 power generators

Reliably ensures optimum power supply in various firefighting operations. They prove their stamina and resilience at any time and in any weather. This makes the new RS 14 power generators indispensable for operations.

In developing the new RS 14 power generator models, Rosenbauer technicians aimed to combine maximum load capacity, simple operation, and high reliability. This resulted in true powerhouses, which are perfect for hours of operation of multiple and varied appliances. Despite these claims, the RS 14 series is the lightest generator series on the market in its class with 14 kVA power.

Suitable for maximum loads and optimized for heavy starters

The generator and the generator regulator in the RS 14 power generators can handle maximum loads. Like no other device on the market, the RS 14 is geared also for operating equipment with longer start-up times. Of these, multiple (such as submersible pumps) can be operated simultaneously without problems. Smooth operation is thus ensured and deployments can be even faster and more efficiently run.

New fuel concept: Prolonged operation without interruption

A great advantage is the possibility of external refueling. While previously it was necessary to turn off the generator for refueling for safety reasons, thus interrupting the power supply, you can quite easily switch to external refueling with the new RS 14. It is as simple as connecting the canister with the refueling hose (available as an accessory). It will automatically pump gasoline out of the canister and into the tank until it is full. If the fuel level decreases, the pump automatically activates again. Thanks to the external refueling option, the operating time during which no intervention of a fire fighter is required is extended by a third.

Another advantage is the flexibility of the location of external refueling. In contrast to older models, fuel may also be sucked in when the generator is higher than the canister (e.g. in the holder in the vehicle, the cannister at the bottom). With its short line routing and avoidance of hot areas, the new fuel concept brings also the advantage that the RS 14 can be operated at extremely high ambient temperatures.

Emergency operation: The RS 14 is always ready for operation

The generators of the RS 14 series are equipped with an emergency operation switch. With this option, the power generator can also be started if the battery is empty or defective, or there is an electrical problem. In such cases, you can manually start the RS 14 in the same way as a lawn mower to start the power supply. With the emergency operation function, the RS 14 can fully perform its basic function: supply power for the toughest jobs.

Simple yet modern: the new operating concept

The new digital control display provides detailed information about utilization, voltage, and fuel level. It is arranged clearly, so you can quickly access the information needed. The four main screens (main image, detail view, expert view, and service view) provide a great deal of information, but are nonetheless clear and perfectly prepared for the user. The Rosenbauer user interface provides intuitive and uniform handling.

Same power, less noise: The RS 14 SUPER SILENT

With the RS 14 SUPER SILENT, sound emissions are reduced to a minimum. This is achieved through an optimized exhaust system, a newly developed air intake system, and the complete covering with GFRP for additional soundproofing. Additional safety is ensured by the LED lighting of the outlets and the tank filling area.

Even more options through extensive additional equipment

  • 12 V outlet on the front (ideal for chargers and lighting equipment)
  • FIRECAN interface for communication with vehicles
  • Insulation monitoring for checking of connected appliances
  • Pole-reversing switch in a socket, 400 V CEE
  • 400 V CEE socket in front
  • Exhaust gas hose and exhaust deflector
  • RLS1000 or RLS2000 LED headlights
  • Wheelset for quick and easy transport

Available from October 2015

Following the successful premiere of the new RS 14 and RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generators at Interschutz in June this year, the first units will now soon be delivered. The first power generators of the new series will leave the Rosenbauer plant in October. You can order the new powerhouses now.