Wheel set for power generating set

Roll, not carry

In order to make carrying the Rosenbauer power generating set easier, they are equipped with special carrying handles. In addition, the units have been weight-optimized. Nevertheless, carrying the power generating set requires two or, ideally, four people. For this reason, Rosenbauer made a small innovation with a big effect.

The wheel set for the power generating set of series RS 14 and RS 9 allows for even faster and easier transport to the scene.

The wheel set is mounted on the generator in just a few steps. A single firefighter can carry the power generating set to the scene with minimal effort. This innovation makes for much easier work.

With its small dimensions of 810 x 557 x 138 mm, the wheel set fits easily in the vehicle. Its wheels can be disassembled lightening fast for transport in the firefighting vehicle.

Ready for transport in just a few quick steps: