Did you know, that...
...a Rosenbauer Quad was in action at a ski flying event in Kulm?

20,000 enthusiastic spectators flocked to Bad Mitterndorf in the Austrian state of Styria to watch the ski jump spectacle in Kulm. Two dozen fire departments with a total of 500 men were responsible for fire safety. For the first time, a POLY ATV SL100 from Rosenbauer was in action this year on the cramped and sometimes snow-covered stadium terrain.

Kulm is cult

For 65 years, the world's best ski jumpers have been flocking to the legendary ski jumping competition at Kulm in Bad Mitterndorf in the Austrian state of Styria. In the summer of 2014, the ski jump was made even longer and is now one of the largest ski jumps in the world.


On January 9th and 10th, 2015, it was "jump away" again after modifying the ski jump. A total of 20,000 enthusiastic spectators cheered on the athletes and caused pandemonium in the audience. In the mix were two dozen volunteer fire departments with a total of about 500 firefighters. Their operational spectrum at Kulm was significant. In addition to administrative duties, the firefighters also ensured fire protection and thus the safety of the visitors. Multiple firefighters were deployed in operations for the fire security guard, reinforced by a Rosenbauer Quad with a mobile extinguishing system.

Maneuverable. Enduring. Efficient.

The POLY ATV SL100 is impressive with its high mobility, large action radius, long operational duration and highly efficient CAFS firefighting equipment. It is best suited for operations like those at Kulm. Narrow lanes and uncrossable terrain are no problem for this small power pack. The 4-cycle gasoline engine with 800 cm³ cubic capacity ensures, together with the selectable all-wheel drive, the availability of sufficient propulsion and traction. The POLY ATV SL100 has already proven its suitability during the operation at Kulm, where it was constantly on the go between tight rows of spectators and on snow-covered paths.

Equipped with the most modern CAFS firefighting equipment

The most efficient CAFS firefighting equipment is built-in on the all terrain vehicle (ATV). With the 100 l (26.42 US gal) water tank for developing and small fires as well for preventative fire protection, you are well-equipped for firefighting. The CAF foam ensures fast extinguishing results and excellent safety against back-burning.


40 m (131 ft) of stable, kink-free, and extremely lightweight FORMTEX special textile hose is rolled onto the hose reel that is mounted on the rear of the ATV. This guarantees high mobility when fighting a fire. In combination with the impressive throw ranges of the CAFS system (up to 16 m/52.2 ft wide and 10 m/32.8 ft high), the largest and safest possible action radius is achieved for emergency crews.


The CAFS system is also extremely user-friendly and can be activated in a very short amount of time - even without prior knowledge.


The POLY ATV SL100 does not only master operations like those at Kulm with flying colors, it also shines in everyday firefighting operations as well as stationary operations for public or commercial areas. A somewhat larger version on three axles is available in addition to the 4x4 version.