Concentrated extinguishing power for South Korean petrochemical giant

The SK Innovation's Ulsan Complex in Ulsan, South Korea is impressive in size alone. The area, which is larger than 800 hectares, is so big that there are six (!) fire departments, each of which having two fire fighting vehicles. When searching for a multi-functional but still compact fire fighting vehicle that would meet the demands of a chemical company, Rosenbauer came out on top. The ULF 7.600/250 universal fire fighting vehicle is really predestined for use in this gigantic industrial company. Particularly impressive are the key performance indicators of the foam extinguishing systems. Both an extremely powerful HYDROMATIC as well as a DIGIMATIC foam proportioning system are installed. With the N100 (output: 10,000 l/min), Rosenbauer's most powerful extinguishing system is being used too.

Extraordinary operations need powerful proportioning systems.

In the Ulsan plant, mainly oil products (fuels), chemicals and lubricants are produced and processed. The complex application possibilities are the main reason why the foam extinguishing systems were of significant importance in the new fire fighting vehicle. Depending on the operational scenario, source of fire and cause, it is possible to extinguish with different foam compounds and various foam compound consistencies.
Both 7,000 l and 600 l size foam compound tanks ensure that enough fire fighting foam is produced, even for operations that last longer. With the HYDROMATIC proportioning system, up to 700 l of foam can be discharged per minute. The proportioning rate is continuously adjustable from 0 to 7 % on every single outlet as well as on the roof turret.
Alongside the HYDROMATIC system, a DIGIMATIC system comes into use also (offers a continuous proportioning rate adjustment from 0.1 to 6%). In combination with the CONTI CAFS WR 60, up to 7,000 l of CAFS foam can be produced per minute. Due to its increased throw range and excellent foam quality, CAFS scores very highly in fire fighting operations in large industrial plants. CAFS also allows neighboring buildings to be protected with dry foam to stop the flames from spreading. Another unique feature of the special services fire apparatus developed especially for the SK Innovation Ulsan Complex is the conscious omission of the water tank, in order to have as much foam compound available in the vehicle at the scene as possible. Water is supplied via the well-developed hydrant network.

Additional equipment

The ULF 7.600/250 is also equipped with a RM60 roof turret, which has an impressive maximum output of 7,000 l/min. It can also discharge CAFS foam. Several rapid intervention systems (e.g., 60 m hose reel, powder hose reel,…) and a dry powder unit including a 250 kg powder tank are also integrated into the vehicle. The FLEXILIGHT LED light mast and LED lighting ensures perfect illumination in the dark during operations, of the vehicle surroundings, and the equipment compartments. This unique industrial firefighting vehicle is built on a Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis. The V6 diesel engine delivers 476 hp and ensures the necessary power.