Practicing safety. Gaining experience.

Safety is important in rescue operations. Many ​dangerous ​situations ​cannot ​be ​trained ​for ​on ​a ​daily ​basis. Rosenbauer now offers comprehensive educational and training programs. The ​focus ​is ​on ​target-group ​oriented ​training ​in ​order ​to ​pass ​on ​knowledge ​practically ​and ​tailored ​to ​the ​requirements ​of ​the ​participant. Optimum use of the equipment and constant operational readiness are paramount.

Additionally, the courses teache how to recognize critical situations in operation, how to avoid them and how to react appropriately. The topics include: operator training, technical training, tactical and operational training as well as – brand new – special simulator training. In the"training4fire" course, important information is taught about handling the vehicle or equipment in any situation. Practical and methodical. At our own training centers on on-site.

The program is focused on the Rosenbauer product range, such as aerial rescue devices, extinguishing systems, firefighting vehicles and general technology.

Metz hydraulic platforms

Rosenbauer offers hydraulic platform trainings for aerial ladders and for hydraulic platforms. Training sessions take place in the Metz Training Center or on-site at the fire department. The program includes machinist training, technical courses and special training, e.g., about fall protection topics.

ERDS Simulator

Training in municipal vehicles takes place in the ERDS Simulator (Emergency Response Driving Simulator). Typical danger situations that occur during an emergency journey can be realistically experienced in virtual road traffic. The truck driving compartment on the movable lifting unit reacts to every movement of the steering wheel.

PANTHER Tactical Simulator

Optimum preparation for airport accidents is important. Many scenarios can be trained with the PANTHER Tactical Simulator, even the use of foam compounds. These tactical training sessions increase readiness and make you quicker, more effective and safer in dangerous situations.





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