Extinguishing powerhouse on wheels

Equipped for all scenarios

Both identical universal fire fighting vehicles for pharma company Merck are equipped with high-performance fire fighting technology and an extinguishing agent mix that covers all operational scenarios of a modern industrial firefighting vehicle. 3,000 l water, 2 x 2,000 l foam compound, 1,500 kg dry powder and 300 kg CO2 is what this extinguishing powerhouse on wheels provides. The built-in firefighting pump R600 feeds up to 6,500 l water per minute at 10 bar, the foam compound pump of the HYDROMATIC pressurized proportioning system of up 500 l per minute at 18 bar. Each of the three B-discharge outlets on the right and left of the vehicle as well as the discharge to the monitor are fitted with an automatic foam compound proportioner. The proportioning rate can be continuously adjusted between one and seven percent. Firefighting pump and direct injection foam proportioning system are driven hydrostatically from the engine's PTO. Energy for the powder and CO2 extinguishing system is provided by compressed air containers. They supply the rapid intervention hose reels with 55 or 60 m hose lengths on both sides of the vehicle. The concentrated extinguishing power of the SO-TLF naturally also requires a suitable chassis: The universal fire fighting vehicle, which is over 11 m long, was built onto a 32 t chassis from MAN with 440 hp Euro-5 engines in this case.


Extinguishing by remote control

Water, foam and powder can also be supplied via the monitor attached to the STINGER boom.  The electrically controlled RM65 monitor can discharge up to 6,000 l/min in stow position and 4,500 l/m with an extended boom in the direction of the seat of the fire. The maximum powder flow rate is 10 kg/s. However the STINGER boom is not just equipped with the RM65, but also with LED floodlights as well as a color and FLIR/thermal imaging camera. The vehicle can also be operated in Pump&Roll mode, which means that you can already extinguish via the monitor attached to the STINGER, even when driving slow. The STINGER boom itself is controlled by radio remote control and reaches a working height of 15 m and a range of 10 m. This ensures safe discharge of the extinguishing agent.


Usage area: a 92 hectare factory site

Merck is a leading company for innovative and high-quality, high-tech products in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The universal firefighting vehicle will be used at the Darmstadt and Gernsheim sites. This is where important substances are produced for fluid crystals. Whether cellphone, notebook or flat screen - almost everyone comes into contact with Merck products on a daily basis. Additionally, effect pigments are produced for cosmetics, car paints, plastics or printed materials. Naturally, the chemical substances stored on the factory site constitute a large fire load. The factory fire department provides fire protection. Thanks to the universal fire fighting vehicles, they are well equipped for any operations that may occur.