Did you know that ...
... You can get your original spare parts for a guaranteed 15 years?

Around 20,000 different spare part orders are handled by Rosenbauer each year. Original parts of course, which have all been technical checked and stand for a high degree of safety and reliability.

The use of original parts also guarantees that the spare parts fit the existing products perfectly and that they have as long a service life as possible.


Original parts for peace of mind

  • Maximum reliability
  • ƒƒPerfectly matched to your products
  • ƒƒFlawless installation
  • ƒƒHighest possible safety
  • ƒƒFair price


Service at the highest level

  • Rapid identification of parts
  • ƒƒHigh availability
  • ƒƒOptimized logistics
  • ƒƒShort delivery times
  • ƒƒFlexible production
  • ƒƒOptimal customer support
  • ƒƒDependable, competent, and experienced contacts


The service employees have many years of experience and are very competent and reliable contact partners. Quick part identification ("what has to be replaced?") and hitch-free installation ensure service of the highest level.