Practical tip: Selecting the correct size for protective clothing

The selected size must fit, especially for protective clothing. Primarily of course to provide the best possible protection in operation. But also to offer the appropriate comfort. Here you can find a few tips to select the right size.


Rosenbauer's protective clothing is characterized by its excellent level of protection, ergonomics and fit. Protective clothing that is too small or too big can present risks in operation: flames could enter in garments that are too wide, garments that are too tight could have gaps due to a lack of overlapping (e.g., when bending down). For the best possible protection, it is essential that you select the right size. Naturally the very best way is to determine individual sizes by trying on the piece of clothing. But we also have a very useful sizing table to help.

Rosenbauer protective jackets and pants sizing table

There are three different lengths for all protective clothing (protective jacket and protective pants):
• B (height of 164-172 cm)
• C (height of 172-180 cm)
• D (height of 180-188 cm)


These three basic sizes are then divided into five further sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL). This means we have the right protective clothing for every fire fighter and their individual builds. You can quickly find the right size with the sizing table using height, waist size, chest/bust size and inseam. The indicated height varies naturally depending on the person's build.


Virtually anyone can be equipped with suitable protective clothing thanks to the wide variety and range provided by Rosenbauer's. If, however, Rosenbauer's range should still not have the right size, tailor-made solutions are of course possible too.


The sizing table applies for the FIRE MAX 3, FIRE MAX II, BREGA and FIRE FIT protective suits.