SRF-K Bludenz: New rescue vehicle provides safety for the whole region

After 33 years of operation the old rescue vehicle of the Bludenz fire department had worn out. In the selection of the new vehicle there were very specific demands, as Georg Oberhauser, Commander of the Bludenz volunteer fire department explained: "We looked at vehicles from various companies. But the design and finish of Rosenbauer vehicles definitely got the best rating. And above all the individually adapted solutions from Rosenbauer's technicians won us over." The wishes of the Bludenz volunteer fire department were implemented perfectly and now with the SRF-K (heavy rescue vehicle with crane) they have a unique emergency vehicle at their disposal.

High demands

The requirements on the new vehicle were high: Because as a main fire department, everything from traffic accidents, hazmat operations and fires, right through to rescue operations, everything has to be covered. Which is why the SRF-K of the Bludenz volunteer fire department also plays its part in terms of equipment. The eight tonne cable winch and the Palfinger 42002 crane are ideally suited for recovery operations and traffic accidents. In addition, the SRF-K is equipped with a mobile hydraulic unit (700 bar) and a rapid intervention hose system for power and compressed air. This allows the best performance and speed in the rescue of people trapped in vehicles, for example.
The commander was impressed with the equipment: "Since our old SRF was showing its age, now in rescue operations we can fall back on the most modern equipment. In the future we can carry out retrieval operations ourselves with the crane. Not just the Bludenz locals benefit from this, but also communities beyond the district borders." The commander not only praised the bodywork and the equipment but is also impressed with the engine. 480 hp of engine output ensure that sufficient power is available both during the journey to the scene as well as when operating the crane or cable winch.

Passed toughness test: 46 t heavy railcar put back on its tracks

Every year the Bludenz fire department is called to around 100 to 120 operations, where two thirds of them turn out to be rescue operations. Since putting the SRF-K into service they have been able to convince themselves many times over of the performance of the new vehicle. The most difficult operation so far for the fire department came when they were called to the scene of a derailed railcar on the Montafon railroad in the area of an unrestricted railroad crossing. A car and its driver were trapped under the 46 t heavy train. They successfully lifted the train and the car was pulled out with the cable winch. Then the train was placed back on the rails, as commander Georg Oberhauser describes: "With the aid of several lifting bags, hydraulic cylinders, and a hydraulic winch we were able to put the train back on the tracks." The whole crew is impressed with the new vehicle and convinced that the SRF-K was the right decision.