HEROS-matrix: Light and comfortable

More comfort with standard-checked safety 

The HEROS-matrix was specially developed for use with forest fires, for technical assistance, and rescue operations. Because HEROS-matrix was already certified according to the new standards. That is both standard prEN 16471:2013 for forest and land firefighting as well as standard prEN 16473:2013 for technical rescue. In addition, it was also tested with ISO 16073 (personal protective equipment for firefighting in open terrain).

Light and ergonomic

At less than 1,000 g, the new HEROS-matrix is a true lightweight. This results in a high wear comfort. The low weight is a huge advantage especially in prolonged operations. The helmet can be worn for a long time, without putting too much strain on the neck muscles. But at the same time there are no limitations in terms of safety. In addition to the low weight, the ergonomic interior design also contributes to the wear comfort. The wearing height of the helmet can be optimally adjusted with the height-adjustable headband and cradle net. Comfort padding prevents pressure points even during extended periods of wear. Additionally, the HEROS-matrix is balanced so that the already low weight is distributed perfectly on the head of the wearer. The head adjustment mechanism can be modified from outside with a rotary knob as is the case with all HEROS models. It can be changed even when wearing firefighting gloves. The ergonomically optimized and multi-adjustable 3-point chinstrap ensures a stable and secure hold.

Extensive accessories for the HEROS-matrix

Depending on the purpose of use, the HEROS-matrix can be equipped with corresponding accessories. A flame-retarding and heat-resistant neck protector is available as well as the powerful PIXA 3 helmet lamp. You can choose between two types of visors: large-area face protection can be retrofitted just as easily as eye protection (both certified in accordance with EN 14458:2004). Anyone who wants a special helmet design can add red, silver, and yellow helmet trims to the HEROS-matrix.