90 PANTHERs delivered to Airservices Australia

Special occasions are celebrated in special settings

When speaking about the cooperation between Rosenbauer and Airservices Australia (ASA), the phrase "success story" springs to mind. So far, 90 PANTHERs have been delivered to the Australian flight infrastructure company, which is also responsible for the safety of 22 airports.


Fittingly, the anniversary was celebrated at a site, which - how could it be anything else - had something to do with aviation – and that was in Salzburg's Hangar-7. Before the official part of the celebrations, guests could admire the aircraft as well as formula one racing cars displayed in Hangar-7.

Long-standing and successful cooperation

The successful partnership began in June 2004. Rosenbauer was assessed as the best supplier by ASA and subsequently received an order for more than 18 PANTHERs. In February 2005 the first vehicle was delivered to Perth Airport. On the basis of the first contract, eleven follow-up contracts were awarded to Rosenbauer, and by now 90 PANTHERs have been ordered at 22 Australian airports. All of which are still in operation.


All the ARFF vehicles delivered to ASA comply with the Australian Design Rules for motor vehicles. 86 of the 90 PANTHER's delivered are identical in construction. For ASA, this has the advantage that substantial savings can be achieved when training fire fighters. If personnel or vehicles are relocated, the crew does not have to be re-trained.


Technical data PANTHER 6x6 Airservices Australia


Photos: Thomas Pillwatsch Photografie