Practical tip: Proper care and maintenance of roller shutters

Nearly all Rosenbauer vehicles have been equipped with practical and user-friendly roller shutters for many years. They allow quick access to the equipment compartments, without an open door or similar being in the way. With a bit of care and maintenance the roller shutters keep running smoothly and quietly.

Cleaning the guide rails


The first step when maintaining the roller shutters is cleaning the guide rails. Rosenbauer service technicians recommend a simple assembly cleaner to remove dirt. After cleaning, the guide rails needs to be lubricated again. It is critical that the correct lubricant is used. Rosenbauer uses a silicone compound only. With conventional lubricants there is the danger that the plastic in the slide blocks located in the guide rails may be corroded. In this case, the slide blocks swell up, meaning that the roller shutters are difficult to move. The guide rails of the roller shutters should be cleaned at least once a year and new grease applied.

Sealing lips and slats


Take a close look at the sealing lips during care and maintenance. If they are damaged you can order replacement parts from the Rosenbauer Spare Parts Service.

The slats of the roller shutters are best cleaned with a normal car soap or a paint care product.

Check the switches


When checking the roller shutters you should also ensure that all switches work. If an equipment compartment is open, this is indicated to the driver in newer Rosenbauer vehicles. If this indicator no longer works properly, inform a Rosenbauer service technician.


If you have further questions about care and maintenance, please feel free to contact the Rosenbauer Service Team. Original Rosenbauer spare parts such as locks, handles and other parts can be delivered without any problems, if needed.