FANERGY XL - smoke-free air in emergencies

Thanks to the large mobile fans, the industrial fire department of Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH and the Schwaz volunteer fire department are ready for all operational scenarios. 

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH, Korbach plant

Rosenbauer's large mobile fans have proven themselves many times over in numerous operational situations. One of the reasons why Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH in Korbach have also equipped themselves with one of these fans. But this device differs from the previous large fans that Rosenbauer built. With two additionally attached smaller fans, this FANERGY XL35 is even more flexible in use. The pressure air tubes in the fan make sure of this.


The Korbach plant of Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH manufactures a range of items including tires and technical hoses made of rubber. The industrial fire department has recently received a FANERGY XL35. The operational scenarios of the plant make clear why such a fan was acquired. If a fire occurs for example in the tire store, the use of a large mobile fan is virtually indispensable. The FANERGY XL35 delivered to the Korbach industrial fire department was therefore modified by Rosenbauer in order to be equipped for all possible ventilation scenarios.


Alongside the large main fan, two smaller fans are also attached to the trailer. They provide even more flexibility in operation. With the supplied pressure air tubes the airflow can be directed precisely where it is needed. In addition, there is also a laser pointer on this device, which makes it much easier to position the fan. The special design of this device with the two additional smaller fans was specially developed and implemented for the requirements of Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH. 

Schwaz volunteer fire department, Austria

As in the city of Korbach, the Schwaz volunteer fire department was also very interested in acquiring a large mobile fan. In 2008, they were one of the first fire departments to receive a FANERGY XL with pressure air tube.


The municipality in the Tyrolean Inn Valley has more than 50 underground parking lots, some of which are multi-story, as well as many large production halls. Since then the FANERGY has been in operation for more than five years. And the large fan has proven itself in many operational situations, reports equipment manager BM Hannes Unterlechner. "The problem has been known for some time. In case of fires in large buildings, the available stationary systems are often not sufficient to provide adequate ventilation." So far the FANERGY has worked flawlessly in operation. For fires in storage halls and underground parkings, they have always managed to make the objects smoke-free in the shortest time possible, says Unterlechner.


How much power the FANERGY XL35 has, was clearly demonstrated to the Schwaz volunteer fire department in a joint fire training with the Kufstein volunteer fire department - which is also equipped with a large Rosenbauer mobile fan. With the two mobile fans they managed to produce a clearly measurable airflow in a Lower Inn Valley railroad tunnel, which is more than ten kilometers long. 


The FANERGY XL35 is installed on an overrun-braked single axle trailer and can be towed by a car. Thus guaranteeing the highest degree of mobility. A BMW Boxer engine drives the fan and ensures impressive performance: up to 80,000 m³ (2,825,173 ft³) of air can be blown out per hour - and at a speed of 150 km/h (93 mph)! Thanks to this airflow in a tunnel or a building, excess pressure is generated which displaces the flue gases. Removal of the toxic gases means much more than just clearer vision for emergency crews. In addition, a tangible temperature drop can be felt in the vicinity of the fire. This significantly increases the safety of the forces at the scene. 


But the FANERGY XL can do more than just blow out air. On request it is possible to integrate a water ring in the device. This is able to produce a fine water mist which is carried into an object by the airflow. In this way, toxic gases are subdued and the flue gases are cooled more effectively. Another optional extra is a pressure air tube, with which the airflow can be diverted, if required.