Did you know, that ...
... in Japan 50 PANTHERs are already on duty

First delivery to Japan in 1994

In 1994, Rosenbauer delivered the first two PANTHERs to Japan. Which was the beginning of a successful collaboration between Japanese airports and Rosenbauer. Recently, number 50 of the successful ARFF vehicle was delivered to the Land of the Rising Sun. A majority of Japanese airports are not only protected by a waving lucky cat, but also by the original Rosenbauer PANTHER.


After an extensive test phase with the prototype in 1992/93, the first two PANTHERs were put into operation in Japan at Kansai International Airport in 1994. At that time an artificial island was created 40 km southwest of Osaka, serving as the airport. The PANTHER, the premier class in ARFF vehicles is synonymous with speed, safety, design and outstanding firefighting performance .

50 PANTHERs in 20 years

20 years later, and specifically developed according to country-specific regulations, the 50. PANTHER in Japan is providing the necessary safety at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo. With over 60 million passengers a year, this is one of the largest airports in the world. Another reason for the original to have some special features in store for Japan: It is a PANTHER 6x6 VO, a triple-axle all-wheel drive model with the new Volvo Euro 5 engine. From the outside it looks almost identical to the standard PANTHER. But some modifications were made especially for the Haneda International Airport.


The anniversary PANTHER has a steerable rear axle, for example. This significantly improves maneuverability. The vehicle can be optimally controlled in rough terrain and in narrow passage ways. It is also fitted with a 10,500 l water tank as well as a 650 l foam compound tank and also has a 300 kg dry powder unit. The Volvo Euro 5 motor with its 700 hp provideds the necessary power to accelerate the extremely heavy vehicle accordingly.